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UW experts provide information on weeds

Aynur_sib/iStock/Thinkstock Canada thistle flowers
ALL ABOUT WEEDS: UW weed experts can help you identify and learn how to control weeds. Stop by their booth at the UW Extension Education Station at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days.
Bring your weeds to Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, July 11-13.

Mild temperatures and plenty of rain have resulted in another year of rampant weed growth. Is your field, garden or yard covered with weeds? Do you know what they are and how to manage them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider attending Wisconsin Farm Technology Days on July 11-13 in Kewaunee County. At this event, University of Wisconsin Extension weed specialists and county ag educators will be available to help identify your weed species, as well as give you management options.

Bring your weeds to the show for identification; if you forget, there will be live specimens on display, as well as a team of experts to help.

“We’ll also have information about glyphosate-resistant weeds, which are a major threat to corn and soybean production across the nation,” says Mark Renz, a UW Extension weed specialist. “Some ways to address this issue are using integrated weed management tactics, including diversified herbicide use to manage the onset of glyphosate resistance.”

Weed scientists have identified species of weeds that are of concern for developing herbicide resistance and have found herbicide-resistant weeds in Wisconsin. UW weed experts can provide advice on best practices for determining if a weed is herbicide resistant and steps to control its spread.

For more information, visit the Wisconsin Farm Technology Days website.

Source: UW Extension


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