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2018 Weed review with Winfield United Agronomists2018 Weed review with Winfield United Agronomists

Winfield United agronomists talk about the secrets to dicamba use and a successful weed control program.

The Winfield United Agronomy Team takes a look back at the 2018 issues they found in fields across the Midwest. The one concern brought up by each agronomist is in regards to dicamba use. Some farmers feel it will solve the problem of herbicide resistant weeds. However, the agronomists point out the application and use of the product is not that simple and if not applied at the right time, it might not be the answer to your weed problems. 

Adoption of dicamba-tolerant soybeans continues to expand across the Midwest. WinField United agronomist Jason Haegele says dicamba use is a complex system, but it is one that must be stewarded so it remains an effective tool in the arsenal of weed control options. He recommends that farmers use appropriate drift reduction adjuvants that are specifically formulated for in-season dicamba applications to help reduce the risk of off-target movement.

Agronomists point out that growers who plant dicamba-resistant soybeans shouldn’t expect in-season dicamba applications to be a silver bullet. They stress that the technology is another tool that should be used as part of a comprehensive weed control strategy that includes residual herbicides. They also advise that in-season dicamba applications should be made as early as possible to reduce the risk of damage to sensitive crops and to target weeds while they are small enough to get good control.

Farmers are urged to follow label instructions and check product websites before application to ensure they’re in compliance with the latest regulations. One suggestion made clear by many of the agronomists is to reduce drift is by using adjuvants which can help optimize droplet size for less risk of off-target movement.

One other recommendation to producers is to be prepared with a backup plan in case the window to spray dicamba is missed.  


Check out this gallery to see what weed problems, agronomists found in each state. 

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