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Vistive Testimonials

Vistive™ Low-Lin Beans Deliver Strong Yields in 2007

Growers of Vistive low linolenic soybean beans are reporting strong yields this season that are comparable, or in some cases even better than, their commodity beans

Bradley Lundeen
Wilcox, Nebraska

"We were very pleased with our Vistive low-lin beans, which yielded 81 bushels to the acre. That was almost identical to our commodity beans, and better than some varieties. With the same yield, and a 55 cent-per-bushel premium, that adds right to the bottom line. The market seems to be demanding low-linolenic oil, and that's probably the way to go so we can compete with other oils. It sure looks like a good niche for the market."

Arin Ziebarth
Normal, Illinois

"I grew 2.2-maturity Vistive™ soybeans this season, which yielded as well as anything I grew this year, and the low-linolenic oil content was also excellent. It looks like there will be a lot of demand for this product. My wife scours the grocery aisles looking for trans fat-free products, so Vistive plays right into the new market opportunity for healthier foods. I'd rather see the food industry using a good product like Vistive than a foreign product like palm oil. I was very pleased and will plant Vistive again next season."

Tom Allen
Altoona, Iowa

"I decided to plant Vistivelow-lin beans due to the fact that they provide better oil that is beter for dietary options, the chance for a little better yield and also because the premium is attractive. My yield in one field was 55 bushels per acre, and in another field, nearly 60 bushels per acre. I was pleased with my Vistive soybeans this season and plan to plant them again next season."

Vistive is a trademark of Monsanto Technology LLC. ©2007 Monsanto Company.

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