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Valor WP gives peanut, soybean protection

Peanut and soybean growers in the South now have a more efficient way to get the same powerful weed control that is offered with Valor Herbicide. New Valor WP Herbicide's wettable powder formulation, now approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, allows for more convenient usage while providing the same residual and added burndown weed control as regular Valor.

Valor WP, marketed by Valent U.S.A. Corporation, comes in pre-measured units to help farmers avoid the possibility of using incorrect rates.

“Valent is responding to a market request that we provide Valor in the Southern part of the United States as a wettable powder formulation in a convenient pre-measured water soluble package,” said John McClendon, Valent market segment manager. “Valor WP Herbicide is already pre-measured in 10-ounce packages.”

The new formulation of Valor will go into suspension more easily, said John Pawlak, Valent product development manger. He added that Valor WP has the same features and benefits as regular Valor.

“It is still an excellent fit for burndown when used in combination with glyphosate for cutleaf evening primrose and Carolina geranium,” Pawlak said. “Valent just wanted to create something that mixed up more easily.”

Valor combines consistent pre-emergence control of some of the most troublesome weeds, including morningglory, pigweed, prickly sida, lambsquarters, Florida pusley, common ragweed, eclipta, black nightshade, waterhemp, spotted spurge, hemp sesbania and Florida beggarweed.

The application rate of Valor for pre-emergence soybeans ranges from two to three ounces per acre, depending on the expected weed spectrum and soil characteristics. Growers should see their dealer for recommendations.

For peanuts, the application rate of Valor is three ounces per acre, with the exception of North Carolina, Virginia and Oklahoma, where the usage rate in peanuts is two ounces per acre.

For both crops, the product requires one quarter inch of rainfall or irrigation for activation and soil residual activity.

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