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Valley BaseStation2 allows greater focus on energy conservation

Technology focused on conserving energy is the philosophy that drives the newest Valley control product. The science behind Valmont's irrigation technology is revolutionizing the way growers supply the world with food and fiber.

Valmont introduced the first remote monitor and control package in 1983. In 1990, the first computer control panel offered in the industry came from Valmont's Valley brand. Fast-forward to present day and Valmont is still shaping the world of mechanized irrigation when it comes to increased productivity and efficiency, both hallmarks of the Valley brand.

Increasing demand

And with the BaseStation2, Valmont is experiencing an ever-increasing demand for a product that has literally changed the working lives of its client base.

With the purchase of a BaseStation2, the grower receives a full computer equipment package complete with pre-loaded software that functions with new and existing Valmont equipment. Nanette Walkley, of Walkley Farms, located in Walla Walla County, Wash., was surprised by the amount of time and labor saved.

“The BaseStation allows more efficient use of everyone's time,” she said. “I don't know how we managed without it.” Walkley irrigates corn, wheat, soybeans, hay and potatoes on her 5,200-acre farm located in the Pacific Northwest.

The most significant feature of the BaseStation2 is a control panel graphic simulation program that essentially places the pivot point control panel in the office. Field screen maps are laid out in great detail and all functions are controlled and monitored through the BaseStation2. The monitoring and control of pumps, valves and other devices is packaged to meet the needs of each customer.

Each configuration upgradeable

Each Valley configuration is upgradeable, which means a grower can custom order an irrigation equipment package and enjoy the benefit of future technology while keeping capital investments to a minimum. The Valley BaseStation2 is a business investment designed to streamline operations with better control, resulting in increased productivity and energy savings.

For more information, contact a local Valley dealer, or call 1-800-VALMONT (1-800-825-6668).

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