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Patrick Bruen Hong Kong A Guide talking about Different Type of Mattresses


Spring mattresses:

There are three types of innerspring mattresses based on springs used:

Mattresses individual pocket coils
They argue point by point the different body parts and react independently to your weight. Patrick Bruen Hong kong Online guide They also offer to each sleepers total independence sleeping.

The biconical mattress springs:
Hourglass -shaped flared ends and tightened the center.

Innerspring mattresses multiturn:
Interlaced filament yarn knitted. Between the springs and the ticking ( cloth covering the mattress), according to manufacturers there are various fleeces, such as synthetic fibers, cotton balls, foam, wool, cotton... The function of these products is to welcome the softer mattress.

The criteria for selection of a spring mattress:

The number of springs according to the marks. The fleece of the spring between the portion of wool, cotton or foam And firmness: medium, firm and very firm

Latex mattresses and natural latex:

The latex foam is a result of the plant sap rubber. Patrick Bruen Hong kong Online guide The latex mattress is naturally hypoallergenic, no houses or microbes or bacteria, and the sleepers do not sweat it.

Latex mattresses are cast in individual molds, so they are well architected and have a perimeter belt reinforcement.
Due to this quality, latex mattresses have a great longevity of life.

Latex mattresses are made of block latex sap from rubber or synthetic latex, but the most common is the mixture of both.

The natural latex mattress provides unparalleled elasticity and great tone. It becomes a cocoon wrap that releases the muscular and nervous tension to ease access to sleep.

Tests of the Institute Pasteur showed that the latex presents bactericidal and Acario - static characteristics, Patrick Bruen Hong kong Online guide that is to say that the bacteria are destroyed in contact with the latex material and that the mites can not easily develop in a latex environment, due to the extremely small cell sizes.

It enables support for the shape of your body. It offers everyone sleepers total independence sleeping. Latex mattresses are cast in individual molds: well architected with perimeter reinforcement belt they have a long life.

The criteria for selecting a latex mattress:
Density: 54 kg to 85 kg / m³
Thickness: 16 to 24 cm
And firmness: medium, firm and very firm

The memory foam mattresses shape:

The memory foam shape has the particularity to perfectly fit the body, so it is imitating the exact figure.

This foam is made of viscoelastic polyurethane. Patrick Bruen Hong kong Online guide It thus relieves pressure points, and the turning limit of the sleeper during the night.
The spine is held in its natural position, requiring minimal muscle and nerve stress, thus promoting muscle relaxation and blood circulation.

The memory foam mattress reduces the pressure points on your body by distributing your weight across the mattress.

With billions of open cells, the mattress allows air to circulate.
Your sweat is discharged to the outside and you get each night, a dry, healthy heat.

Foam mattresses:

The foam mattress is made of foam polyurethane family (small microscopic bubbles that push the load). Patrick Bruen Hong kong Online guide This is a foam which provides a very comfortable suspension. In the case of those who sleep in two independent sleeping is assured. This type of mattress is very light, so it is easy to handle.
When the foam has a density which is less than 25 kg / m³, this mattress polyether and when the density is greater than 25 kg / m³, this mattress High Resilience.
As for the mattress springs, different components are sandwiched between the foam and the tick, such as synthetic fibers, cotton, foam, wool, cotton,... for a more mellow greeting.

The criteria for selecting a foam mattress:

Thickness: 17 to 26 cm
And firmness: medium, firm and very firm