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Planting falls behind

Corn and soybeans producers farmers are reporting they are behind this week.

Cool temperatures and wet conditions this past week stalled planting. Farmers in the 18 states that planted 92 percent of the 2016 corn acreage were busy in the fields in some states but not in others. According to the planting report, 47 percent of the corn acreage is now planted compared to the four year (2012-2016) average of 52 percent. Last year, farmers had 61 percent of their crop in the ground at this time.

Iowa and Minnesota are still down from their four year average. Iowa farmers reported they had 52 percent of their corn crop planted and Minnesota producers reported only have 35 percent completed—both down from their average of 55 percent average.

Other states down from their averages include Wisconsin – 15 percent (32 percent average); Michigan—10 percent (27 percent); Pennsylvania—26 percent (31 percent); North Dakota—23 percent (34 percent); Nebraska—48 percent (55 percent) and Kansas—45 percent (56 percent).

While most states slowed, a few states actually surpassed their average. Illinois producers are reported 65 percent of the crop in the ground (63 percent); Indiana—51 percent (43 percent) and Ohio farmers were able to get 46 percent of the crop completed (38 percent).

It’s no surprise that with planting below average, corn emergence is lagging. The 18 states that have the majority of the corn acreage are reporting that 15 percent of the crop has emerged – down from the average of 19 percent.

Illinois stood out with 29 percent emerge but that is still down from the 32 percent average.

Meanwhile, Indiana producers reported 18 percent emerged which is above the 16 percent average. Iowa farmers say 7 percent is emerged (15 percent average); Ohio has 12 percent (9 percent average); Nebraska reports 10 percent (15 percent average) and Minnesota states one percent (13 percent average).

Soybean planting off, too

Although the 18 states that planted 95 percent of the 2016 soybean acreage is a little different than the corn states, the theme was still the same. Producers are running behind. According to the USDA crop progress report, 15 percent of the soybeans have been planted this year compared to 19 percent on average over the past four years.

Illinois, a major soybean producer is behind. Farmers there are reported that 14 percent of the crop is planted compared to the average of 16 percent. One surprising thing was that planting is slightly ahead in Indiana and Ohio. Indiana has 19 percent completed compared to the 17 percent average and 16 percent complete in Ohio compared to the 14 percent average.

Other states that reported being behind include Iowa (9 percent, 14 percent average; Minnesota (4 percent, 24 percent average); Nebraska (13 percent, 18 percent average); Wisconsin (2 percent, 8 percent average) and Tennessee (8 percent, 14 percent average).

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