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Members appointed to 3 APHIS boards

Boards make recommendations on wildlife services, poultry and animal health.

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service recently appointed members to three boards: The National Wildlife Services Advisory Committee, The Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Animal Health and the General Council Committee of the National Poultry Improvement Plan.

Wildlife services

The National Wildlife Services Advisory Committee provides the Agriculture Secretary with recommendations on resources to accomplish the Wildlife Services mission, impacts of depredating wildlife, public health and safety problems created by birds and wildlife and research activities and priorities to address wildlife damage management needs. There are 19 members.

  1. Gordon R. Batcheller, New York (wildlife)
  2. Daniel Baxton, Oregon (ranching)
  3. Trina Bradley, Montana (ranching)
  4. Jeffrey B. Campbell, Georgia (pest control)
  5. Tyler A. Campbell, Texas (academia)
  6. Cynthia P. Driscoll, Maryland (veterinary)
  7. Daniel E. Hoenig, Maine (veterinary)
  8. James M. LaCour, Louisiana (veterinary)
  9. David l. McEwen, Montana (ranching)
  10. Scott G. Nelson, North Dakota (farming)
  11. Andrew D. Prosser, Mississippi (aquaculture)
  12. Catherine D. Urbigkit, Wyoming (ranching)
  13. Leslie E. Wright, California (wildlife)
  14. Mark Zaunbrecher, Louisiana (farming)
  15. Reappointed - Irma Cauley, Texas (wildlife)
  16. Reappointed - Ronald J. Regan, Maryland (wildlife)
  17. Reappointed - Burdell Johnson, North Dakota (ranching)
  18. Reappointed - Joel S. Dennis, Texas (ranching)
  19. Reappointed - Brent A. Miller, Vermont (wildlife)

Animal health

The Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Animal Health advises the agriculture secretary on matters of animal health. It leads dialogue on conservation of natural resources and the stability of the livestock economies. SACAH also engages the public in matters involving livestock disease management and traceability strategies, prioritizing animal health imperatives, and other related aspects of agriculture. There are a total of 20 members on this committee:

  1. Neil Bouray, Kansas (livestock)
  2. Stephen Crawford, New Hampshire (veterinary)
  3. S. Peder Cuneo, Arizona (academia)
  4. Glenda Davis, Arizona (Tribal)
  5. John Dunn, Tennessee (veterinary)
  6. David Fernandez, Arizona (farmer)
  7. Wayne Freese, Minnesota (farmer)
  8. Andrea Gentry, North Carolina (veterinary)
  9. Martin Gillin, Oregon (veterinary)
  10. Jamie Jonker, Washington, DC (Veterinary)
  11. Jeffery Kaisand, Iowa (veterinary)
  12. Mary Ann Kniebel, Kansas (ranching)
  13. Patrick Lillard, Texas (farmer)
  14. J. Randolph MacMillan, Indiana (aquaculture)
  15. Thomas McKenna, Massachusetts (veterinary)
  16. Cameron Molberg, Texas (farmer)
  17. G. Donald Ritter, Maryland (veterinary)
  18. Harry Snelson, North Carolina (veterinary)
  19. Belinda Thompson, New York (veterinary)
  20. William Tucker, Virginia (farmer)


The General Council Committee of the National Poultry Improvement Plan advises the USDA Secretary on matters pertaining to poultry health. The duties of the GCC involve assisting USDA in planning, organizing, and conducting the biennial NPIP Conference. The GCC also serves as a forum for the study of problems relating to poultry health. There are 13 members:

  1. Gregg Cutler, California (veterinary)
  2. Monica Della Maggiore, California (agriculture marketing)
  3. J.C. Essler, Texas (agriculture)
  4. Julie Helm, South Carolina (academia)
  5. Dave Hermes, Ohio (veterinary)
  6. James Jurgielewicz, Pennsylvania (agriculture)
  7. Dan Krouse, Indiana (agriculture)
  8. Mary Jane Lis, Connecticut (veterinary)
  9. Jill Nezworski, Minnesota (veterinary)
  10. Dan Shafer, Indiana (agriculture)
  11. Alberto Torres, Arkansas (veterinary)
  12. Jessica Walters, Virginia (agriculture)
  13. Ben Wileman, Minnesota (veterinary)
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