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Corn, soybean conditions stay strong

Dry conditions in Missouri are showing the impacts on the corn and soybean crops.

The latest crop progress report shows about three-fourths of the corn and soybeans planted are in good and excellent condition.

Corn condition

According to the latest crop progress report released, the corn condition did fall a percentage point from last week. The report shows 77% of the corn is in good or excellent condition, that’s down from 78%.

Texas, North Carolina, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota and Pennsylvania are showing the most challenges of all the states in the report. It shows only 46% of the corn is in good and excellent condition in Texas, North Carolina 54%, Missouri 56%, Kansas 60%, South Dakota 63% and Pennsylvania 64%.

So far, here are the good/excellent conditions in the top five corn producing states: Iowa (81%), Illinois (82%), Nebraska (86%), Minnesota (90%), Kansas (60%).

Soybean condition

The crop progress report shows the overall soybean condition has dropped a point from last week. Farmers say 74% of the soybean crop is in good to excellent condition.

However, Missouri is having the largest challenge when it comes to soybean condition. This week’s report shows 48% of the crop is in good and excellent condition, dropping 6% from the previous week The other lowest rated states include Kansas (56%), South Dakota (60%), North Carolina (60%), and Louisiana (60%).

Meanwhile, other states in the Midwest are staying strong with most states reporting over 70% of the crop in good to excellent condition. So far, here are the good/excellent conditions in the top five soybean producing states: Illinois (83%), Iowa (78%), Minnesota (86%), Nebraska (87%), North Dakota (79%).

Corn emerging

The crop progress shows 94% of the corn planted this spring has now emerged. That’s up 2% from the four-year average of 92%. In 2017, 93% of the corn had emerged.

There are five states behind the average: Pennsylvania (71%); Michigan (77%); Wisconsin (87%); North Dakota (89%) and Ohio (89%).


Soybeans planted

The crop progress report shows 93% of the soybeans have been planted. That’s 8% above the four-year average of 85%. Last year at this time, 91% of the crop had been planted.

In the Midwest, the only state struggling to get the beans planted appears to be Michigan. Producers report only 77% of the crop has been planted there.  Most Midwestern states report over 90% of the crop has been planted.

Soybeans emerged

Of all the soybeans planted, 83% of the crop has emerged. That’s up from the four-year average of 69%. Last week, the USDA reported 68% of the crop had emerged. In 2017, only 74% of the crop had popped up.

There are several states struggling with emergence in the Midwest. In Michigan, only 63% has reportedly emerged. Wisconsin has 73%; North Dakota reports 75%; and 79% is reported in South Dakota and Ohio.


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