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5 points from U.S.-Canada export report

wildpixel/ThinkstockPhotos Shopping bags - one in U.S. flag and one in Canadian flag.
Fresh fruits and vegetables among top export items.

Total U.S. export value to Canada surpassed $20 billion in 2017, making Canada the leading destination for U.S. food and agricultural exports.

Here are five points from the “Canada: Canada Number One Market for U.S. Agricultural Exports” report:

  1. U.S. exports of high-value food and beverage products to Canada represented 25% of total U.S. consumer-oriented agricultural exports globally.
  2. The top export categories included: fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, meat, prepared foods, snack foods and soft drinks.
  3. At $16.3 billion, Canada remained the top destination for U.S. exports of consumer-oriented products, which are typically sold in retail outlets or used in restaurants.
  4. In addition to large companies, many of the U.S. exporters are small- and medium-sized businesses for which shipments to Canada represent their first export opportunity. 
  5. In 2017, total two-way trade in agricultural goods with Canada reached nearly $43 billion. 

Over the last three decades, the main reason for strong increases in trade with Canada was the passage of the U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement in 1988, followed by the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994. These trade agreements eliminated nearly all tariffs on U.S. exports to Canada, significantly improving export opportunities for U.S. producers. 

Source: USDA Foreign Ag Service

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