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UAPB launches fisheries report series

The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Department of Aquaculture-Fisheries has launched a new research report series, Aquaculture/Fisheries Center Research Reports, which summarize research from multiple studies on a specific topic.

The first report, The Economics of Producing and Understocking Different Sizes of Catfish Fingerlings on Growout Farms, is not in print. It presents summaries of different options for catfish farmers.

The results of a series of studies associated with producing catfish fingerlings of different sizes on catfish farms are summarized. It also includes results of studies on the performance of different sizes of catfish fingerlings understocked in growout ponds.

This first report covers two catfish fingerling studies.

The first one evaluates fingerling production characteristics and costs without thinning. The second study used thinning techniquess commonly used by commercial hatcheries.

Managing a commercial catfish farm is a complex task. Farm managers must make many decisions to manager their stocks of fish in the most efficient and profitable manner. It is difficult to make sound decisions without adequate information.

This bulletin summarizes data from studies on the production characteristics and costs of producing and understocking different sizes of catfish fingerlings. This information will assist farmers as they make management decisions.

The data from these studies show that even though it is cheaper to produce 3-inch catfish fingerlings, it is more profitable to understock 5-inch fingerlings. This is because the greater survival and total yield of 5-inch understocked fingerlings more than offset the increased fingerling costs.

The Economics of Producing and Understocking Different Sizes of Catfish Fingerlings on Growout Farms is published by the Arkansas Cooperative Extension System and includes all data, tables, and figures from the studies.

The publication is available free of charge by calling me at 870-543-8537 or

Carole Engle is director of the Aquaculture-Fisheries Center at UAPB.

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