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Ford 2014 pickup roundup

In the pickup business, Ford Motor Company still holds the dominant market share with its F-150, long a popular model. The company is also a tough competitor in the heavy duty class with its Super Duty F Series too. In this gallery we look at these trucks to offer you information you can use when it's buying time.

We'll start with the F-150 and the features you'll find for 2014, including some higher-end options, the engine choices and other top features. Then we'll move on to the Super Duty F series, which offers two top engine choices both with features farmers will like including flex fuel for ethanol use and a diesel that accepts the B20 biodiesel blend.

Ford is even pushing eco-friendly materials in new ways. The company recently pointed out that the F-150 has added rice hulls as its latest sustainable material for the 2014 F-150 model. That truck also uses soybeans and post-industry recycled cotton in carpet insulation or as a sound absorber.

In the larger Super Duty F series, 2014 brings plenty of hauling capacity, a new appearance package - the XL, and a range of other features you can check out in this gallery.

So click on the images to explore the new Ford F Series pickups from the F-150 and higher to learn more. You can also check out our other 2014 pickup galleries including the 2014 Ram Truck gallery, and the 2014 Silverado gallery.

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All images in this gallery provided by Ford Motor Company.

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