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Trial by back roads

This is in regards to the story "Trial by back roads" in your September issue comparing GM, Dodge and Ford.

First of all, the trailer it shows in the magazine doesn't weigh 9,000 lbs. Second, why isn't the Chevy diesel tested at the same rpm as the Dodge and Ford? Third, it says you had to manually downshift the auto tranny on the Dodge. If you had to manually downshift it, then it must have been pulling fine or else it would have downshifted itself. Finally, why didn't you tell what the gear axle ratios were? Gary Jahnsen Cedar Hill, MO

Editor's note: Thanks for reading and for your comments. To answer your questions:

1. All trailers weighed 9,000 lbs. (They were rigged with weights.)

2. Because it's a maximum horsepower test, engine rpm levels will always be different because the number signifies the engine level when top horsepower is achieved.

3. I was losing too much speed climbing hills with the Dodge (compared to the Ford and Chevy); I had to downshift before the auto tranny did.

4. Sorry axle ratios were left out. Chevy/GMC w/Duramax 3.73 axle ratio Ford 7.3L 3.73 Dodge 5.9L 4.10

Hope this helps.

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