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Honeybee fatalities reported at close of almond bloom

Bee deaths reported in California
<p>The California State Beekeepers Association is looking for beekeepers who lost significant numbers of bees this year in the almond bloom. Those with losses are urged to contact the county agricultural department where the losses took place.</p>
State beekeepers association says rise&nbsp;honeybee deaths at the close of almond pollination possibly due to bloom&nbsp;sprays

Beekeepers are being asked to complete a short survey after a number of reports regarding bee deaths at the close of California’s almond bloom.

The California State Beekeepers Association (CSBA) is asking beekeepers to fill out a short survey and e-mail it.

Information to the CSBA suggests that beekeepers picking up their hives from almond orchards found the emerging brood in failing health or already dead. Carlen Jupe of the CSBA says the bee supply was severely short this spring and will continue to be challenged by the bloom sprays that seem to have impacted bee hives in California.

Jupe says reports suggest that beekeepers noticed significant losses of their brood about two weeks after fungicide and/or a combination that included IGR’s were applied to blooming almonds. In many cases, the hive entrances became clogged with dead, young bees and pupae that failed to hatch.

Beekeepers that experienced these losses are encouraged to file a report with the county agricultural commissioner’s office where the loss took place.

The CSBA is asking beekeepers to submit the following short survey to Gene Brandi, president of the American Beekeeping Federation, at [email protected]

  • Did you experience any abnormal loss of brood in your colonies that pollinated almonds in 2016?
  • How many of your colonies experienced severe brood losses?
  • Are you aware which pesticide products were applied in the area where your bees were pollinating almonds?
  • Did you file a report of loss with the agricultural commissioner in the county or counties where your bees were exposed to pesticides?
  • Please describe location of the colonies while in the almonds using section, township/range, or road names/numbers and county
  • Have pollen or dead bee/brood samples been collected for chemical analysis?
  • Have these losses been reported to any other bee industry brood loss survey in 2016?
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