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10 agriculture stories you should read today, Dec. 16

10 agriculture stories you should read today, Dec. 16
Policing pork. Gun control crimes. Christmas tree death. Desert salmon. Seed espionage. Transformer in the vineyard. Invasive death by Tylenol. Farm exposé. And more.


1. Policing Pork

When a single plant is processing 10,500 hogs each day — 1,300 per hour — safety inspections can get blurred. (Businessweek)

2. Christmas Tree Death

U.S. Christmas tree farmers are facing millions in profit losses from root rot. Once it’s in the dirt; lights out. (Huffington Post)

3. Salmon in the Desert

Water parks and ski slopes were first. Now the UAE is ready to farm salmon. (Gulf News)

4. Cloak-and-Dagger in the Seed Industry

Spies in the fields: Several Chinese nationals are accused of shifting across Midwest farmland to steal up to $40 million in seed technology. (USA Today)

5. Killing Invasives With Tylenol

Invasive species bothering you? Then parachute in 2,000 mice laced with Tylenol. Too bad feral hogs can't be handled the same way. (NBC)

Gun Control, Rolling Stone

6. Gun Control

Government knows best: A farmer is headed to prison for keeping a homemade pistol in his loft and a shotgun under his bed. (WFP)

7. Transformer in the Vineyard

Hillside vineyards come with heavy labor costs. Enter “Geisi” — a vehicle that looks like a cross between a Transformer and a moon rover — built to climb the steepest slopes. (Spiegel)

8. Farm Exposé

"What Rolling Stone’s scary farm exposé gets right — and wrong" (Grist)

9. Timeless Dorothea

Stark black-and-white images tell a farming tale. (Daily Mail)

10. Gold in Oregon Wine

Oregon’s spot on the world’s wine map just ballooned thanks to land grabs by California, France and Washington. (The Oregonian)


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