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John Deere 3D compact utility tractor John Deere
WHAT CUSTOMERS WANT: People who use tractors told John Deere they wanted a gear-driven utility tractor option again, and the company responded. The result is the 3D compact utility series.

John Deere introduces gear-driven compact tractors

The company responds to customer demand and launches a new-from-the-ground-up tractor series.

Smart companies build what people want to buy. John Deere reinforces that strategy by introducing the 3D Series compact utility tractors this summer. The series includes three models: the 25-hp 3025D, 35-hp 3035D and 43-hp 3043D.

Ray Gherardini, product marketing manager for compact utility tractors for John Deere, says these tractors are new from the ground up. They’re unique in that they’re gear-driven models, with two ranges and four speeds per range. Most tractors produced by Deere today are hydrostatic-driven.

“Many customers told us they would like to have a gear-driven tractor in this horsepower range, so we designed and built the 3D Series,” Gherardini says.

Unlike a previous compact utility series of gear-driven tractors that Deere discontinued a few years ago, the gear shift is located on the fender, not on the operator platform around the driver’s knees. “It’s ergonomically comfortable and easy to use,” Gherardini says.

He adds that customers were looking for a rugged drivetrain with heavy-duty components that could deliver maximum durability with increased torque and power to the ground for various applications. The 3D Series meets those specs, featuring a large spiral bevel gear in the transmission.

These tractors will be priced lower than comparable hydrostatic transmission models, providing a more economical option.

The 3D Series also features Deere’s new Quik-Knect system for hooking up PTO implements to the tractor. The system features an attachment on the tractor PTO and the implement that simplifies hookup, Gherardini says. This feature will also be offered on other Deere tractor models and will be available to retrofit to older tractors.

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