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PTO shaft on tractor John Deere
EASIER CONNECTION: Has hooking up the PTO shaft to a tractor ever frustrated you? John Deere introduces the Quik-Knect coupler for its 3D tractors.

Coupler design means quicker PTO hookup on new tractor

A new PTO hookup is available on John Deere utility tractors.

When John Deere introduced the 3D utility tractor model in 2019, the company also unveiled a new feature worth noting whether you’re in the market for a new utility tractor or not. Right now, if you order a 3D tractor, you can order the Quik-Knect PTO coupler as an option. It represents a major step forward in an area that hadn’t been seriously addressed for years: how to attach the PTO shaft of an implement to the tractor quickly and easily.

John Deere spokespeople say the new option is available for this model now. It could be expanded to other models in the future, but that’s not confirmed.

Why is it noteworthy? Because if you’ve ever hooked a PTO shaft for a rotary mower or almost any other implement to a tractor, odds are at one time or another, you’ve struggled getting the implement end of the shaft to line up with and engage with the splines on the tractor PTO shaft. It’s also a good bet you’ve struggled with the connection mechanism designed to make sure the implement PTO shaft stays attached once it’s on. Especially as PTO shafts wear over time, or as equipment is inactive, these tasks can become more difficult.

The new design involves a portion of the unit being attached to the tractor PTO. When it’s time to hook up, the implement PTO shaft meshes with the unit already on the tractor. The goal is a smoother, trouble-free hookup.

The 3D Series tractors were introduced in 2019 to return an economical option with a gear-shift transmission into the John Deere compact tractor line. Deere went exclusively to hydrostat transmissions for that size tractor a few years ago. In the new series, the gear shifter is located on the side fender.

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