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Testing a new battery-powered trimmer for grass, weed trimming around the farm

Testing a new battery-powered trimmer for grass, weed trimming around the farm

High gas prices and emission standards have outdoor power equipment companies and homeowners looking for options. CORE Outdoor Power developed a line of high-torque, high-efficiency, battery-powered outdoor equipment designed to give gas-powered products on the market some major competition. The company invented a technology that replaces traditional wire-wound motors with a multi-layered, printed circuit board that works with magnets to create powerful rotational forces. The result is an efficient, compact, and powerful motor driven by lithium ion, according to CORE.

“Battery operated tools have a reputation for being underpowered with very short run times. The marriage of our motor, intelligent electronic controls and our high-energy power cell allow us to attain longer run times and more power,” said Megan Smithberger of CORE Outdoor Power. “We feel our products are so different and technologically superior to existing battery tools on the market that we stand alone as the only true competitor to gas-powered products.”

So, can a battery compete with a gas engine? Team FIN tested the new CGT400 trimmer to find out.

 Team FIN used the CGT400 to trim grass and tall weeds throughout the farm. What impressed the operator most was the unit’s power. The head speed offers 7,000 RPM and 5,000 RPM torque – 25% more torque than a 25cc 2-cycle gas engine. The trimmer is easy to operate with its instant trigger start and dual-mode controls for torque and speed. The unit has a dual line bump feed that works great. It also offers a balanced design, comfort grip handle, and open view grass guard. Team FIN was also impressed by how quiet the unit was to operate.

While CORE benchmarks their products against professional-grade, gas-powered outdoor power equipment brands, other companies are also tapping into the battery-powered market. Last year Stihl unveiled a new line of cordless 36v outdoor power tools that includes a chainsaw, trimmer and blower. The Stihl FSA 85 cordless trimmer weighs 9.9 lbs and has an estimated run time of 45 min. CORE’s unit weights 11 lbs, with the power cell attached, and has a run time of up to 70 min. 

The Team FIN operator was impressed by how long the battery lasted during the tests. The only downside to the battery-operated tool is the downtime needed to recharge compared to a gas powered trimmer where the operator can refill quickly and get back to work. The CORE trimmer has two charger options – a three-hour charger and a one-hour rapid charger.

Overall, the CGT400 felt like a heavy-duty trimmer. It ran long and hard, cutting through tall grass without hesitation. CORE’s battery-powered trimmer allows the operator to have the power and run times associated with gas-powered products without the hassles and cost associated with gas.

The price of the trimmer is $279. For more information visit

What are your favorite battery-powered tools that you use on the farm? Leave your comments below.

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