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Team FIN tries out new welding fixtures from Lincoln Electric

Team FIN tries out new welding fixtures from Lincoln Electric
Team FIN members Katie Honnette and husband Jordan tested out new welding tools available from Lincoln Electric.

Ever wish for a third hand when preparing to weld? Between maneuvering heavy material, securing bulky clamps and trying to achieve the perfect angle, the job could really use a capable tool to lend a helping hand. Lincoln Electric launched three new angle fixtures with on/off magnetic fields that provide a solution to the cumbersome job of positioning steel.

The multi angle, mini multi angle, and pivot angle multi-surface fixtures were each designed to work with different material thicknesses and applications. With a half-turn of a knob, the tools’ magnet turns on or off for precise positioning or removal. The new welding accessories do not require batteries or electricity to operate, and the compact fixtures can be used on both flat and round stock. Team FIN, a group of farmers who test products for Farm Industry News, tested the new fixtures to see how they performed and rated them on a scale of 1 to 5.

Multi Angle Magnetic Fixture

The Multi-Angle Fixture, and it's little brother, the Mini-Multi-Angle Fixture (rear) offer users a better way to position material for welding. Their easy-to-use magnets made them handy tools.

Lincoln’s new multi angle fixture (K3309-1) has a clever dual function – it not only holds angles, it is a quick connect/disconnect magnetic vise. In addition to welding, the tool is designed to assist in part fabrication including cutting, grinding, drilling, and sanding. It has a magnetic force of 400 lbs. and work angles of 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°, 105°, 120°, and 135°. Team FIN was impressed with the amount of weight the multi angle fixture can hold as well as its versatility and ease of use. Not only does it provide the most-often used angles, its powerful magnet engages and disengages easily. The unit has a balanced design that keeps it stable even when holding heavy material. Team FIN found the fixture very useful and said it is a must-have welding accessory.

Rated: 5

Mini Multi Angle Fixture

Lincoln’s mini multi angle fixture (K3318-1) measures 2.1 in. x 1.2 in. x 2.13 in., and was designed to help position small steel parts. It has a magnetic force of 80 lbs. and secures material at multiple angles. It also includes a pipe notch for use on round stock. Similar to the larger version, Team FIN thought the mini multi angle fixture has a slick design and is very easy to use. It is a helpful tool for small-scale welding jobs. 

Rated: 5

Pivot Angle Magnetic Fixture

Lincoln’s pivot angle fixture (K3310-1) has axis magnets mounted on pivot arms. With work surface on each side, the tool secures to a table or wall while simultaneously holding the work piece. The fixture is designed for repetitive work at uncommon angles, and has a single lock on elbow for fast securing. It provides a magnetic force of 200 lbs and has a work angle range of 22° - 270°. Team FIN liked the wide range of angles available on the fixture and found the lock on elbow quick and easy to adjust. However, the fixture’s magnet lock/unlock knob was a little more difficult to use than on the multi angle versions. The tool has a straight-forward design and is ideal for someone who often tacks metal. Overall, Team FIN said the pivot angle magnetic fixture is an easy-to-use, time-saving support piece.

Rated: 4.8

The multi angle fixture (K3309-1) costs $165, the mini multi angle fixture (K3318-1) costs $38.55, and the pivot angle fixture (K3310-1) costs $220. For more information about Lincoln Electric, contact 216/481-8100 or go to

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