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The hedge trimming attachment to the CORE Outdoor Power Power Lok system performed well in the Team FIN test
<p>The hedge trimming attachment to the CORE Outdoor Power Power Lok system performed well in the Team FIN test.</p>

Team FIN tests new landscape tools

Attachment-based power tool system helps keep the farmstead looking good.

Upkeep on a farm can feel like a full-time job, especially during the busy times of late summer and early fall. Not only must the lawn be mowed, but also trees trimmed, leaves raked and countless other landscaping projects tackled.

CORE Outdoor Power launched a landscaping system to simplify fall cleanup. The Power Lok features interchangeable attachments that can trim grass, cut hedges, and blow leaves and debris. Team FIN tested the Power Lok drive unit and two attachments, and rated them on a scale of 1 to 5.

Hungry trimmer

Team FIN was impressed by the hedge trimmer attachment’s power and design. Fully assembled, the unit weighs 13 lbs. and provides 3,200 strokes per minute. The hedge trimmer has a blade length of 22 in., which cuts a lot of material quickly. Team FIN tested the attachment on hedges, as well as some not-so-recommended materials, including dense grass, giant ragweed, up to .-in.-diameter tree branches and sapling volunteer trees. The trimmer mastered the dense material. It cut through the weeds and saplings without hesitation. When pushed to the max, the trimmer quickly ate through material that a standard string trimmer often can’t handle. The heavy-duty tool is defi­nitely capable of trimming more than hedges.

Rated: 5

Almost blown away

The cordless blower attachment may be less powerful than a corded alternative, but convenience and versatility with the unit makes it a useful tool.

Team FIN also tested the Power Lok’s blower attachment. With up to a 400-CFM airflow, it blows air at up to 110 mph. At 12 lbs. fully assembled, it’s handy to maneuver. The tool does a satisfactory job moving leaves and debris. And because it’s cordless, the unit is ideal for blowing dust from implements. It works great for cleaning dust and hay out of a round baler, and blowing grass out of a lawn mower deck. When Team FIN compared the tool to 120-volt blowers, the CORE attachment lacked power. But for what it is, exchanging a little power for the convenience of a cordless tool is a no-brainer.

Rated: 4.5  

Tool in action

Switching between attachments is relatively simple — pull the locking lever out, align and insert the attachment. However, Team FIN found the attachments bind somewhat and can be cumbersome when trying to handle the long tool. They rec­ommend anchoring the main unit before pulling off the at­tachment. The Power Lok system features CORE’s “GasLess” power drive unit, which houses an electronic controller. When swapping between attachments, the controller instantaneously recognizes which attachment has been connected to the drive unit and runs the appropriate program. Overall, Team FIN was happy with the Power Lok’s performance. The battery is long-lasting, and the cord-free unit is handy. The tool attachments provide ample power with the flexibility of a three-in-one.

The Power Lok drive unit (CDU 400) costs $229.99 and in­cludes a power cell and charger. The Power Lok hedge trim­mer attachment costs $209.99. The Power Lok blower attach­ment costs $149.99. Not tested: Power Lok trimmer attachment costs $139.99. Contact CORE Outdoor Power at 406/883-2673,

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