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Raising the bar

Not All toolbars are built for the rigors of strip-till. That's not a problem with a new front-fold toolbar built by Harvest International, Cherokee, IA.

“The toolbar was designed and patented by Milford Friesen, who built the original front-fold toolbar in the early 1990s,” says Jeff Sivinski, vice president and co-owner of Harvest International. “He redesigned the original bar with heavier steel. The frame has a 7×7 toolbar to carry row units, and a 5×9 toolbar to carry the load and distribute the draft. Both toolbars are ⅜ in. thick. All parts of the frame are laser cut and powder coated.”

The bar is available in 30-, 40- and 60-ft. widths, although the company also is licensed to manufacture 90- and 120-ft. toolbars.

Farmers can buy just the toolbar or choose from several options, according to Sivinski. “We sell the toolbars equipped with Dawn Pluribus row units,” he says. “We also offer a 5½-ton dry fertilizer tank that mounts on the toolbar. It's built out of 409 stainless steel, powder coated and equipped with a Montag metering unit. For guys using anhydrous, there's an optional hitch.

“The frame is designed to be a multipurpose unit,” Sivinski continues. “It's built to take the weight of whatever farmers want to do. It can be used as a planter toolbar and will handle all the attachments a farmer wants to put on it. Some customers are toying with the idea of using the bar with planter units in the spring and strip-till units in the fall.”

Prices are $39,500 for the 30-ft. toolbar; $45,250 for the 40-ft. unit; and $66,000 for the 60-ft. unit. The fertilizer tank and meter are a $21,200 option. Harvest International is sold out of toolbars for the spring season but will have the full line available this fall.

For more information, contact Harvest International, Dept. FIN, 1130 Riverview Dr., Cherokee, IA 51012, 888/218-5373, visit or, or circle 101.

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