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k-line-ag-speedtiller-powerflex-comes-to-northamerica K-Line Ag
The new Speedtiller Powerflex is a new vertical tillage option that offers interesting features for the North America market. K-Line Ag is an Australia-based company opening for business in North America.

New tillage tool player has Aussie roots

K-Line Ag opened a new headquarters in North Dakota, bringing its Australia-engineered tillage tool to North America.

While some farmers are turning away from tillage, others are seeking a machine that can do plenty in a single pass. For those tillage seekers, the new K-Line Ag Speedtiller Powerflex may be an option.

The company officially announced it is open for business in North Dakota and working to add dealers, but as Bill Larsen, director of sales and marketing, told Farm Industry News: "We started in 2012 selling a few machines, and have built up over time."

North Dakota was the starting point and Cavalier, N.D. is the company's North America home. K-Line Ag is a major tillage producer in Australia and Europe, but this is its first major push into Canada and the United States. "We were selling direct with about half our machines going to Canada and the other half going into the U.S.," Larsen said.

New York and Pennsylvania area popular markets already for the machines, with more than 80 turning earth in that part of the country. "We're expanding to more dealers across the country, adding suppliers in Michigan and where we can," he said.

A challenge for any new company offering a product in the United States is connecting with a supporting dealer organization. Larsen explained that K-Line is working with dealers one-on-one to show them the product in action. "We want to talk to dealers, and bring them to the table to discuss this product," he said.

The company offers full-line tillage choices in other markets, but for the United States, the focus is purely vertical tillage. The Speedtiller line was introduced in 2009, in Australia, and offers versatility to match tillage conditions. Larsen noted that other manufacturers are not offering the kind of vertical tillage tool you can get from his company.

More about the Speedtiller Powerflex

The tiller K-Line Ag is bringing to North America is a dual-purpose machine designed and built for working in all soil types and conditions. The machine cuts weeds, and cover crops, provides a smooth field finish and offers consistent sizing and residue incorporation.

The machine has 31 separate 24-inch disks, which Larsen explained are offset disks that provide shallow, but full tillage down about 6-inches. "This machine provides a smooth finish; it is a one-pass tool," he said.

 The machine features a heavy-duty disk arm for maximum digging capacity with nearly 350 pounds per disk. There are power-down wings and rubber suspension rollers with dual float and fixed working modes.

The dual operating mode allows the machine to operate in Full Float Mode for undulating fields and terrace following; or Non-Float Mode, allowing the tiller to go further in soft, wet or sandy soils. Other key features include the ability to vary disk and roller pressure on the go; increased digging capacity; and simple machine setup with hydraulic on-the-go adjustment.

Larsen acknowledged that the company has far to go to build the dealer organization, but it is making headway. If you're interested in this new machine, or even a dealership, visit for more information.

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