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New Blu-Jet strip-till unit

New Blu-Jet strip-till unit

A new strip-till implement called the Blu-Jet Galaxy is now available from Thurston Manufacturing. The strip-till unit may be set for narrow and wide row spacings in addition to 30-in. row spacings.

The Blu-Jet Galaxy is a 3-pt.-mounted toolbar with a 7- by 7-in. heavy-duty mainframe that ranges in width from 12 ft. (4 rows, 36-in. spacing) to 45 ft. (18 rows, 30-in. spacing). The 12-, 16- and 18-row units are equipped with a lift-assist package. The assist package may be added to smaller units. The wide units feature a five-section fold and transport width of 15 ft. 8 in.

“The Blu-Jet Galaxy was designed to be flexible in row configurations,” says Jim Summers, head of engineering at Thurston Manufacturing. “The frame has common components, which allow the toolbar to be reconfigured as the needs of the farmer change. The lift assist converts the 3-pt.-mounted implement into a semi-mounted implement. This adds stability to the tractor and implement during field use and highway transport.”

The new strip-till implement is designed to inject liquid, dry, anhydrous ammonia or dual placement fertilizer solutions during tillage.

Suggested retail pricing: 12-row 20-in spacing (with lift assist): $54,848; 18 row, 22-in. spacing (with lift assist): $68,594; 16-row, 30-in. spacing (with lift assist): $73,495; and 8-row, 36-in. spacing (no lift assist): $30,349. Contact Thurston Manufacturing for more information at 800/658-3127 or visit




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