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Hagie sprayer in field
NEW POWER, CAPABILITY: For 2019, Hagie STS10 and STS12 sprayers get new power and added functionality for the field. There are also new user convenience features, too.

Spray rigs, tillage tech get updates

Hagie sprayers get an update, and John Deere launches a lighter-weight sprayer. There’s a new chisel plow and nutrient applicator from Deere, too.

By Farm Progress staff

In 2016, John Deere and Hagie entered into an agreement giving Deere a majority ownership interest in the innovative Clarion, Iowa, sprayer maker. The deal gave Hagie access to distribution and support it didn’t have in the field, and Deere got access to new tech for its customer base. For 2019, the newest Hagie sprayer models get familiar Deere power and some other updates.

The STS10 and STS12 models will be powered by 6.8-liter PowerTech John Deere diesel engines offering 280 hp and 300 hp, respectively. This is the same engine that powers the John Deere R4030 Sprayer and several other Deere machines.

To accommodate the new power plants, the engine compartment was redesigned. As part of that retooling, designers added a new toolbox and air intake scoop. And the right side of the chassis has been changed to include new fuel and diesel exhaust fluid tanks, and a fuel-fill ladder and platform for more convenient engine access.

The company is expanding the Dual Product System that has been offered through Hagie Custom Solutions. This allows the tank to be divided, so that two different products can be applied in a single pass. The Hagie DPS is available for 1,200- and 1,600-gallon Hagie sprayers. This gives users the ability to variably place nutrients in the root zone, while simultaneously broadcast-applying crop protection products to the plant. The DPS is available on STS12 and STS16 machines, with split-tank configurations equipped with dual pumps and separate rate controllers.

LIGHTWEIGHT, HIGH-CAPABILITY: The new R4044 Sprayer from John Deere offers a lighter footprint and a better power-to-weight ratio for improved performance in 2019.

Lighter-weight sprayer
John Deere is also rolling out a new sprayer — the R4044. The 1,200-gallon-capacity sprayer is 9% lighter than the R4045 Sprayer and offers a more balanced power-to-weight ratio. Power comes from a 9-liter PowerTech John Deere engine. This design allows users to maintain speed under load as terrain changes, and it results in more accurate applications and greater productivity.

The new machine also features a range of integrated technology, including ExactApply nozzle control, AutoTrac Vision and the 4600 CommandCenter display, which is available on other John Deere 4 Series Sprayers.

In addition to the 1,200-gallon tank, the new sprayer features VF tires for improved traction and reduced soil impact, and steel booms up to 120 feet in width. A carbon-fiber boom is offered as an option in 120-foot and 132-foot widths. A 200-cubic-foot drybox option is also available.

The company will begin taking orders for the machines in June, and delivery is expected by the end of 2018.

HIGH-TECH TILLAGE: A new chisel plow and NH3 bar get the TruSet system for improved in-field control and precision.

Precision tillage, application tools
John Deere is also releasing a new chisel plow and nutrient applicator offering use of its TruSet precision depth-control system. The two new tools include the 2430 Chisel Plow and the 2430C Nutrient Applicator.

The 2430 Chisel Plow offers better soil-breaking and leveling performance, especially in rocky or wet field conditions. The 2430 builds on features offered in the 2410 Chisel Plow. In addition to the TruSet depth and down pressure control system, the company offers a range of ground-engaging points, spacing and attachments that allow customers to configure the implement to meet their needs.

The 2430C Nutrient Applicator comes in five working widths up to 62.5 feet, and features heavy-duty cast conventional and chisel shanks. The individual sections can be independently adjusted for accurate fertilizer placement and proper sealing across the working width.

To learn more about the new Hagie sprayers, the John Deere R4044, and the John Deere 2430 Chisel Plow and 2430C Nutrient Applicator, visit

Source: John Deere

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