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material pouring from auger into farm trailer Corteva Agricscience
EASIER TO USE: Corteva Agriscience introduces Instinct Nxtgen nitrogen stabilizer for the 2021 growing season. A lower use rate allows it to mix with urea with fewer potential problems.

Next generation of nitrogen stabilizers hits market

Hi-Tech Farming: A major player receives EPA approval for an improved formulation.

Who says there is nothing new under the sun? Corteva Agriscience introduces a product that is new but still familiar, because it builds on a popular product already on the market. What’s new about Instinct Nxtgen is improved handling and a lower use rate. This “next generation” in nitrogen stabilizers is ready for use now. It was recently registered by the EPA and granted label approvals in key ag states.

You get the same nitrogen protection as before when you used Instinct, but you also get other benefits, spokespeople say.

“The lower use rate of Instinct Nxtgen nitrogen stabilizer allows for simplified mixing with urea by preventing clumping, stickiness and clogged machinery,” says Danny Leckie, U.S. product manager of nitrogen stabilizers for Corteva.

Instinct Nxtgen uses Optinyte technology to deliver up to eight weeks of protection of urea, UAN and liquid manure. It performs in fall, spring and sidedress applications. To learn more, visit

The fact that the Optinyte technology in Instinct and new Instinct Nxtgen technology increases average yields by 5.2% with spring applications is likely farmers’ main motivation for using the product. As the social climate evolves, you may find it important to know it reduces greenhouse emissions by over half, 51%. And it reduces leaching of nitrogen by 16%.

These statistics date back to findings by J.D. Wolt in studies released in 2004. The researcher was looking at both agronomic and environmental influences of nitrogen stabilizers in corn even before the clamoring to reduce greenhouse gases was as loud as it is today.

Get ‘bee certified’

You may not have heard of the Pollinator Partnership (P2) before, but if your goal is to promote your operation as environmentally friendly, you might want to know more about this nonprofit group. Since 1997, its goal has been promoting the health and well-being of pollinating animals.

The group recently announced changes to its Bee Friendly Farming Program. You can now earn certification as Bee Friendly Farming Certified. Companies and individuals who don’t actively manage land can be Bee Friendly Farming Partners. Homeowners who comply can earn the Bee Friendly Farming Garden designation.

To become Bee Friendly Farming Certified, you must comply with all seven criteria specified by the group and be validated every third year. Spokespeople say the criteria cover areas from habitat to cover crops to using best management practices. Learn more at

High-tech comes to feed bins

If you’ve ever raised confinement livestock, you understand that knowing how much feed is left in the bin is the key to feed supply management. BinMaster just made what has normally been a low-tech, “climb the bin ladder and look inside” job into a high-tech management decision with FeedView.

Using this technology, you don’t have to climb the ladder and look. You don’t even need to be at the barn. You can check feed levels on your phone while watching TV. Information goes from bin sensors to the cloud to your phone, wherever you are. Visit

New seed treatment

Wilbur-Ellis introduces StepUp 2.0. It’s a seed treatment nutritional product designed to interact with the seed by supplementing protein and amino acids released during early stages of germination — resulting in faster, more uniform germination. The more highly concentrated formulation means growers can use less treatment, which helps improve seed flow. Visit

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