New tools help get grain out of the field, dry grain

What’s New From the Shows: Grain carts and grain dryers get more innovative.

There are a variety of new grain carts to choose from, new augers to unload grain into trucks or bins, and even new innovative ways to dry grain. Farm Progress found these new products and more at fall farm shows.

One innovative drying method from Dri-Stack uses vertical tubes inside a bin that carry and distribute warm air to dry grain. The new approach from Thunderstruck Ag keeps the heat generation outside the bin for what spokespersons say is a more efficient and quicker in-bin drying process. The new product roundup also includes a more traditional new dryer from Matthews.

Grain cart choices are plentiful for getting corn or soybeans out of the field and to the bin. Some are larger, while others have tweaked how the carts unload. This makes on-the-go unloading off the combine and unloading of carts both more convenient and user-friendly at the same time.

Here’s also a sleek new hopper-bottom trailer from Titan Trailers made from aluminum. It’s lighter but can carry the weight and deliver long life in a grain trailer. And while it may not be something for your farm, the railroad scales from Fairbanks, which can weigh railcars in motion without stopping, is an example of new technology which makes everyone’s life simpler — less waiting on trains at crossings while they weigh cars!

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