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Improved fungicides, insecticides coming to market

Tom J. Bechman green, healthy corn plants in the field
CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE: Bayer adds a third ingredient to its popular Delaro fungicide, noting that it makes performance even more consistent in protecting crops like corn.
Hi-Tech Farming: Bayer introduces Delaro Complete for corn and soybeans, claiming more consistent performance.

Bayer spokespeople are excited about the potential of Delaro Complete, launched for the corn and soybean markets for 2021. Ray Lello, corn and soybean fungicide product manager for Bayer, says this new product delivers the key attributes of Delaro, already a popular fungicide, plus more consistent disease activity, better resistance management and higher yield potential.

What sets it apart is a third active ingredient, fluopyram, an SDHI compound not found in Delaro. This gives Delaro Complete three modes of action, which helps slow the possible development of disease resistance.

Compared to untreated fields, competitive products and even Delaro itself, Delaro Complete delivered a yield boost in both corn and soybeans in yield trials, spokespeople say. Compared to Delaro, expect increased activity against gray leaf spot in corn and against both white mold and brown spot in soybeans. Learn more at

New soybean insecticide

Meanwhile, BASF introduces Renestra for 2021. It’s an insecticide for soybeans that contains both a pyrethroid and a unique active ingredient called Inscalis. Jennifer Archer, product manager of soybean insecticides for BASF, says this innovation provides a complete solution for soybean aphids and other troublesome soybean pests.

Renestra is billed to deliver both quick knockdown and long-lasting residual control of pests. Learn more at  

Novel insecticide active ingredient

Spiropidion is coming from Syngenta Crop Protection. It’s a new technology that will help better control several hard-to-manage sucking-type insect pests in a variety of crops, including soybeans. Such insects include aphids, whiteflies and scales.

The first registration for the product was for Elestal Neo in Guatemala. It’s uncertain when the company may seek approval for products using this chemistry in the U.S. See

Biological solutions

Advanced Biological Marketing introduces two new technologies for 2021. AmpliMax is a new seed treatment for row crops, which includes a proprietary metabolite, yeast extract and humates. The product has a low use rate and long shelf life, and can also be used with cereal crops. Company spokespeople tout AmpliMax for delivering outstanding drought tolerance on both conventional and traited corn hybrids and for excellent root stimulation.

ABM is also launching GroFlo to the seed treatment industry. It’s touted for outstanding flowability and singulation, and it reduces dust off, seed bridging and stickiness, spokespeople say. GroFlo is powered by Excellorate, ABM’s seed treatment nutrient package that enhances seedling vigor and early stand establishment. Visit

New artificial intelligence app

Walk your fields this spring and summer with scouting power at your fingertips. FarmVisionAI introduces a mobile app for smartphones that lets you detect stress in plants while walking through the field. It uses artificial intelligence to make the application work.

You can supplement scouting with imagery by taking close-up pictures with your cellphone and then geotagging them to the location. They will show up on your desktop application in a Google Earth-style visualization. Learn more at

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