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Does tech get your attention?

Farm Progress PANEL asks how farmers view talk of CES and technology.

Willie Vogt

January 9, 2023

3 Min Read
ON THE STAND: Tech-savvy folks got an eyeful of ag technology at the John Deere exhibit during CES.Willie Vogt

CES, formerly the Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up on Sunday, Jan. 8, in Las Vegas. This annual event (held virtually in the pandemic) is a mecca for all manner of technology from computers to televisions to healthcare products, and since 2019 has been on the radar for agriculture too.

This year, John Deere was the focus of the opening keynote address offering attendees a kind of seminar on just what you’re doing down on the farm with technology. The Farm Progress PANEL asked what farmers think about CES, and what they find interesting.

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The panel question this time out was: CES gets a lot of coverage, what do you find most interesting?

We had a solid response from PANEL members, and Deere being on hand was a driver for some. Here’s a look at the responses from lowest to highest in the results.

The electric pickup truck is getting greater attention, whether it’s for the farm or not remains to be seen. Ram introduced its new concept with an innovative wireless charging tech – pull it into the garage over the charger and walk away, no plugs.

But electric trucks scored low for interest with these respondents with 4% expressing interest in the technology. Perhaps if the first 250/2500 class truck with a 500-mile range shows up?

Next highest in response is Deere being at CES. One-fifth of respondents say that John Deere being at CES got their interest. It makes sense, for most readers already using a lot of technology on the farm, keeping up with CES wouldn’t be top of mind.

More than one-quarter of respondents found CES interesting because it shows how much tech is in every part of our lives. And that’s the surprising part of the event. Medical scanners that can send data directly to a hospital, folding computers with no keyboard and even food tech like a voice-activated mixer. It’s an interesting show.

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And if you do the math, you’ll note just under half of PANEL responses said they don’t follow CES. This isn’t a trade show for everyone, though the shiny tech gets a lot of attention. For attendees, seeing a See and Spray Ultimate sprayer for real is an eye opener.


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Willie Vogt

Willie Vogt has been covering agricultural technology for more than 40 years, with most of that time as editorial director for Farm Progress. He is passionate about helping farmers better understand how technology can help them succeed, when appropriately applied.

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