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A broader look at drone technology

Slideshow: CES 2019 was chock-full of different ways to capture images from the air. Check out these tools.

CES, or what they used to call the Consumer Electronics Show, is a magnet for a wide range of technology. Farm Progress got a chance to attend the 2019 event. This first look at tech from the huge event starts with drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles.

This is a hot area — and one where more innovation is happening. A good part of drone use is in the motion picture industry, where these compact machines with high-resolution cameras are replacing helicopters on shoots. Innovations in those areas, however, do translate into future tools that could come to market.

There’s a growing business in racing drones, not covered here, which may provide added control innovations in the future. And while there are many drone companies with both fixed-wing and multiprop models, DJI is still the market king. That company has more than 75% of the drone market, but there are a range of players that are knocking at the door.

In this gallery is a quick rundown on some interesting innovations; click through to the end for a couple of personal craft farmers might find very interesting. This is just a sampling of the many drones at CES. Those selected show what’s possible for the future of machines for agriculture, though there are a few unique machines included, too.

One note: These machines are so new that some are not yet on company websites. They will be soon, but many saw their first public viewing at CES 2019.

This is the first gallery from the big event. In the next few weeks we’ll share more of the tools and tech we found.

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