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Autonomous control makes combining more efficientAutonomous control makes combining more efficient

Hi-Tech Farming: Autonomous louver positioning provides seamless cleaning shoe adjustment in the rear of the machine.

Tom J Bechman 1

July 11, 2022

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SieveSense from HCC Inc. uses closed-loop sensing technology
BASIC EFFICIENCY: SieveSense from HCC Inc. uses closed-loop sensing technology to maximize harvest efficiency through automatic adjustments on the go. Courtesy of HCC Inc.

The John Deere 12-A and International 64 combines had one thing in common. Both had a cleaning shoe to help separate grain from chaff. Today’s combines have them too. SieveSense, an autonomous louver positioning technology from HCC Inc., adds a 21st century twist to 20th century mechanization.

Using this closed-loop, hyper-accurate louver position sensor system, adjustments happen within the cleaning shoe much like within your body — without you thinking about it. The result is increased efficiency. The biggest benefit may be faster harvest time, resulting in more acres harvested per day. Visit hccincorporated.com.

Crop data instantly

Nielsen-Kellerman updated KestrelMet 6000 ag weather stations to include readouts on growing degree days and evapotranspiration. Anticipate flowering and harvest more accurately by tracking GDDs. Get a better handle on crop water needs by tracking water loss per day through evapotranspiration, a combination of evaporation and transpiration. The cellular ag weather station, starting at $1,299, includes readouts on changes in daily humidity and solar radiation. Visit kestrelmet.com.

Theia fungicide approved

AgBiome Inc. introduces its second proprietary product from its Genesis platform. EPA approved Theia, a fungicide delivering broad-spectrum foliar and soil disease control for high-value crops. It relies on fungicidal and bactericidal metabolites to control powdery mildew and fusarium. AgBiome’s first product, Howler, launched in 2019. Visit agbiome.com.

Catch tar spot early

Intelinair is back with a new innovation that could enable you to detect tar spot and some other disease agents days before human eyes can detect disease. Intelinair’s disease alert concept includes plant temperature to detect potential onset of diseases. Kevin Krieg of Intelinair says temperature rises within plants when disease threatens, similar to humans. It’s not meant as a signal to spray, but rather as an alert to scout and monitor. Visit agmri.com.

Toward better biologicals

Verdesian Life Sciences and 3Bar Biologics partner together, looking for solutions in nutrient use efficiency and the biocontrol space. Leaders in both companies are committed to finding biological solutions that help growers improve nutrient use efficiency and pest control. See vlsci.com and 3barbiologics.com.

Nutrient-based seed treatments

Two seed treatments that could improve plant nutrition are now offered by Brandt. EnzUp Grain ST disperses enzymes into the soil to help corn and wheat seedlings emerge faster and stronger. Meanwhile, SeedZone ZN greatly increases the exposed surface area of zinc, leading to better retention by seeds and faster germination. It’s designed for use with corn, soybeans and large-seeded vegetables. Visit brandt.co.

Another biostimulant

Zaffre from BioConsortia Inc. consistently provides higher yields in fruit and vegetable crops as either a drench or seed treatment, according to company spokespersons. Now, BioConsortia is joining with The Mosaic Co. to distribute this new microbial biostimulant in Asia. It’s the third agreement between the two companies. Mosaic is already developing and commercializing BioConsortia’s nitrogen-fixing microbial products. Visit bioconsortia.com.

Fertilizer insights

Looking for better value from nitrogen fertilizer? Midwestern BioAg claims TerraNu fertilizers, derived from dairy manure, result in improved nutrient uptake and water efficiency in all conditions, but especially with sandier soils. Contracted research and on-farm testing points to yield increases, and grain testing indicates twice as much nitrogen is captured when TerraNu products are applied. Visit terranu.info or midwesternbioag.com.

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