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Team FIN Test: EasiLoad seed tender

Team FIN Test: EasiLoad seed tender

Jack and Gary Appleby, Team FIN members who farm in east-central Illinois, tested the EasiLoad seed tender from Clarks Ag Supply. Here is their review of the seed tender.


Purpose of the product    

It speeds up refilling the planter with corn and soybeans. Ninety percent of our seed is in Proboxes, which set right on this trailer and lock in place.

Why we wanted to buy it 

We shopped several months (at the National Farm Machinery Show and Farm Progress Show), and looked at several kinds. We liked what was available at Clarks Ag Supply.

How we're using it on our farm

It saves us time at each planter refill, which translates to more acres covered per day.


What we like

It is a well-built two-axle trailer. Our model holds four Proboxes inline. It is easy to load from the right side with a forklift. An auger (composite) runs underneath the center of the trailer to unload the boxes. Cracked seed is not a problem running through the auger system. We were very impressed that the unloading system did not compromise the seed quality!

We also had our tender equipped with Digi-Star GT400 digital scales  — a  $4,290 option. We might use seed from one Probox on three different farms. The scales sure make this job easy, especially if you are measuring out refuge corn. The scales are very accurate down to the pound. The digital readout is easy to read from the planter while filling, whether it is bright sunshine or cloudy.    


If you want a seed tender on a well-built two-axle trailer with a low center of gravity that is easy to load with one to four boxes and an unloading system that is gentle with the seed, give Clarks’ EasiLoad seed tender serious consideration.

Bottom Line 

On a scale of 1 to 5, we give it a 5. 






Clarks Ag Supply

107 E. Highway 30

Clarks, NE 68628




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