2016 Conservation Legacy Awards: Conservation is a family tradition
John Verell on right works alongside his dad Alan and his granddad John Sr on their farms in West Tennessee
Cory Atkins is going beyond protecting his sandy soils to building them with notill and cover crops
Aaron Hager University of Illinois weed scientist says growers should plan to use more than one effective chemical on problem weeds with each application and not as separate applications over the course of a growing season
A FarmLogs crop health alert highlighted in yellow to orange is generated by comparing current multispectral satellite imagery with imagery from the same field over the previous five growing seasons
5 Ag stories: SCN resistance, online climate tool, risk management, Palmer amaranth
The offensive hybrid remains green in this multihybrid field while the defensive hybrid is turning brown The reddish area on the right suffered early water damage Two brown squares in the center background are yield comparison plots
5 Ag stories: Soybean disease resistance, crop insurance, Commodity Classic
The new Veris U3000 includes two sensors that map organic matter and soil texture A new tillagemounted rig also is available