John Deere rolls out new, upgraded products for 2016
5 Agriculture stories to read, Aug. 21, 2015
Iowa farmer Wayne Fredericks retired portions of five fields ranging in size from a 32acre piece surrounding a sinkhole to smaller 07 to 12acre areas along building sites windbreaks and a waterway ldquoIn all but one case yield was at least 20 below the farm average and all consistently lost me moneyrdquo he says
For growers using benchmarking services to make management decisions bythebook yield monitor calibration is more critical than ever Recalibrate at least three times when harvesting corn and soybeans
MBS Family Farms is putting automated soil sampling to work for them and customers of their fertilizer and chemical business Kyle Mehmen says the speed repeatability and ability to sample odd shaped zones were major selling points
Learning blocks show variable rate application payback
Achieving water quality as a common goal best achieved through partnering suggests Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance executive director Sean McMahon The Alliance a partnership of Iowa corn and soybean growers and pork producers is in turn partnering with municpalities companies and nongovernmental agencies protect and improve Iowa waters
5 Agriculture stories to read, July 31, 2015
Time to rethink grain marketing approach
Strip-tillers find success