Best galleries of 2015: New tractors, mobile apps for farming, tillage, land values, soil fertility and more
Tips for adjusting fertilizer rates when crop prices are low
Planted in midJuly with an Interseeder these cover crops took off as soybean canopies weakened and sunlight penetrated the rows in September Post harvest they are growing rapidly filling in rows and building biomass
Soybean weed control was challenging in 2015
Managing glyphosate resistance, cover crop termination, saving nitrogen costs and more
Iowa farmer Ben Riensche hopes to save 10 on nitrogen costs in 2016 with a diversified application strategy harnessing precision fertilizer application capabilities of a new John Deere R4045 applicator
Late lows
Poen and Ritchie worked together on plans for a constructed wetland on Carnavon Creek which flows through Bethune family land and empties into Black Hawk Lake The wetland which treats both surface and subsurface drainage water from a large area was built with federal and state funds through the Iowa Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program CREP Ritchie donated a pasture and 15 acres of cropland for the project which includes a 4acre pond a large dam and a 24acre grass buffer Such wetlands are very effectiv
5 Agriculture stories to read, Nov. 20, 2015