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Your editorial titled “Big Oil vs. King Corn” [December 2005, page 4], in referring to the influence of Big Oil on the ethanol debate, accuses the Cato Institute of being “…a backdoor organization working in concert with big oil….”

In discussing the Cato Institute, it refers to “the organization's founder and primary benefactor, Koch Industries.”

Regarding the first quote, Cato's publications and its scholars do not oppose ethanol per se. Rather, Cato has argued in favor of an open and free market to determine which fuels consumers should use. It has, consistently, opposed government subsidies and tax preferences for any fuel including oil.

Regarding the second quote, the Cato Institute received only 5.6% of its revenue from corporations in 2004 and the bulk, 74.0%, of its revenue from individuals (the rest from foundations, programs, et al.). Big Oil is not a large contributor to Cato; indeed, only one contribution was received from an oil company in 2005, $15,000 from Exxon. Contrary to your article's assertion, Koch Industries is not a contributor to Cato Institute and is not a founder.

Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries, both well-known libertarian activists, are significant personal contributors to Cato (a libertarian think tank) through their family foundations, but do not dominate Cato funding or policy. Charles was a co-founder of Cato with Ed Crane 28 years ago, but has not been active for many years. David Koch, his brother, is one of 14 directors of Cato.
Fred Young
A Cato Institute director
Racine, WI


Where can I find information about chain saws manufactured by Olympik in Italy? Thank you.
Ken Kroyer
New Prague, MN

Oleo-Mac (EFCO) in Italy now owns Olympik. Oleo-Mac equipment is produced by Emak of Reggio Emilia in northern Italy. According to the Emak Web site, you can contact Tilton Equipment Company in the U.S. at 800/447-1152 or to find a local dealer.


I purchased a new Warm Morning vented room heater, manufactured by Locke Home Products Inc., Washington, IL, in 1993. I have been informed that company has been closed. I need a thermal coupler for the stove. I would appreciate it very much if you could inform me where I could get repairs.
Kenneth Twidt
Adair, IA

Warm Morning, a brand of gas heaters made by Locke Stove, was later manufactured by Martin Industries, fireplace and heater division. However, Martin Industries filed bankruptcy and went out of business in 2002. According to its Web site, Martin Hearth & Heating no longer has parts for products manufactured by Martin Industries, but it supplies contacts for specific products.

For Warm Morning gas products, contact A&B Sales at 800/798-8235. For Warm Morning wood products, contact Stove Parts Unlimited at 800/874-0791,


Where can I get a manual for a 1960 generator manufactured by Electric Machinery?
Mick Lamont
Fort Wayne, IN

Contact Electric Machinery Co., 800 Central Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55413, 612/378-8000, or you can request literature directly on the Web site at


Oleo-Mac (EFCO) in Italy now owns Olympik.

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