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I just finished reading my July/August issue of Farm Industry News and the letter that Paul Neal from Iowa wrote about the poor fuel mileage that a government-sponsored Web site claims that current flex vehicles get on E85 fuel [Talk, page 55]. I used to hear the same thing when 10% ethanol fuel was made available at the pump. “If you use 10% ethanol fuel, you won't get as many miles per gallon as you would from regular or premium gasoline.”

Last month when I drove back to northeast Iowa for my son's wedding, I decided to put the theory to a test. I drove my Jeep Grand Cherokee with a V8 engine 270 miles to get there and another 75 miles running errands while there and averaged 20.3 mpg on the 10% ethanol blend. As I was leaving town, I filled up with premium gasoline ($0.12/gal. higher priced) and drove the 270 miles home, and I only averaged 18.6 mpg! That was without all the short trips around town!

What I am trying to say is that if you want to believe other people (or what the government is trying to tell you), that is your choice, but if you have a chance to test something for yourself, who are you going to believe? I've done my math.
Myron Lockard
Fremont, NE


What happened to Tri R Innovations? Their phone has been disconnected. They used to make Cat Whiskers and a robotic driver that used wands and a motor to steer the tractor.
John Lubinus
Pocahontas, IA

The phone number that was previously listed for Tri-R Innovations was answered by another business. Employees at the new firm confirmed that Tri-R Innovations has gone out of business.


I'm looking for a parts manual or just some type of schematic to help me put a Haban Manufacturing mower deck, model 615-001, onto a Mitsubishi MT372 compact tractor. I think I might be missing some parts, but I'm not quite sure. The deck originally came with the mower, but the previous owner had it removed. He told me he gave me all of the parts, but I just can't get it all together. Can you help me please? I bought a parts manual for the MT372, but it does not have the mower deck in there.
Chris Scheldt
via e-mail

Haban Manufacturing is now owned by Agri-Fab. Agri-Fab doesn't appear to carry this mower deck any longer, but you may wish to contact Agri-Fab at 303 W. Raymond St., Sullivan, IL 61951, 217/728-8388.


Please contact us if you have comments about our stories or a question about where to find parts. We would also like to hear from you if you have additional information or suggestions about where to locate hard-to-find parts.


I am looking for a part for a Clayton Mark 2506-k yard hydrant. Is the company out of business, or was it bought out? Can you help?
Jim Sackett
via e-mail

We were unable find a contact number for Clayton Mark, although it appears that Dean Bennett Supply Company, 800/621-4291, carries Clayton Mark parts.


I am trying to locate any information on the Perfect Hitch system. Do you have an address or an e-mail for them? I believe they are made in Canada.
Justin “Judge” Jessop
Presho, SD

Since almost all of the hitch manufacturers describe their hitches as “perfect,” it has been a little difficult to identify the Perfect Hitch system. Maybe you were referring to the EZ-Hitch trailer hitch alignment guide. The manufacturer's description of this hitch comes the closest to your description.

The EZ-Hitch is manufactured by American Tool & Machining Inc., 1910 S. Benton St., Searcy, AR 72143,

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