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T-L Irrigation introduces linear docking system

The labor cost, hard work and time lost working with hand move and hard hose irrigators are a thing of the past with T-L Irrigation Company's newest innovation in one-span linear irrigation systems.

The new T-L Linear Docking System, available from T-L Irrigation dealers, utilizes a pipe valve system, equipped with a series of docking stations, to travel the full length of a field, regardless of the distance.

The heart of the system is a hydraulically powered Linear Docking unit that follows the water supply mainline, with the aid of a four-wheel guidance dolly. As the Docking System approaches each valve on the mainline, guide plates and rollers automatically engage a flange on the valve to lock the unit in place and open the valve to release water.

Designed to accommodate varying field contours and misalignment, the Docking System can adjust to variations up to 8-feet laterally and 20 degrees vertically. After a predetermined period of time at each valve, the Docking System disconnects and moves on to the next outlet automatically. The system can connect and disconnect from water valves while traveling in both directions; and it can apply water at each station for any pre-determined length of time.

Dave Thom, vice-president of sales, states that the Linear Docking System is ideal for sod, vegetable and other specialty crop growers who want to reduce labor, eliminate the drag hose road, limit field intrusion and improve watering consistency… all while improving return on investment.

For more information, and a CD showing the Linear Docking System in action, customers should contact their local T-L dealer or call T-L Irrigation Company at 1-800-330-4264, visit the T-L Website at or email T-L at

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