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Syngenta herbicides approved for cotton

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved two new cotton herbicides from Syngenta Crop Protection. Sequence, a premix formulation of Touchdown and Dual Magnum, received registration in March. Suprend, a combination of Envoke and Caporal, received registration in February.

“The combination of ALS chemistry with a photosynthetic inhibitor makes Suprend an outstanding herbicide,” said Chuck Foresman, technical business manager for Syngenta. “It's very active on some difficult-to-control weeds that appear in Round Ready systems, and it can be used in conventional cotton as well.”

According to University of Tennessee weed response ratings, Suprend has excellent control of entireleaf/ivy, pitted and tall morningglory, as well as yellow nutsedge, cocklebur and sicklepod.

Suprend is labeled on picker cotton varieties only and can be applied post-directed on cotton that is usually 6 inches in height or above through layby at 1 to 1.5 pounds per acre.

Suprend can be tank mixed with Dual Magnum, MSMA, diuron, linuron and Caporal for post-directed applications. Suprend also can be tank mixed with Buctril for post-directed applications in BXN cotton varieties. Suprend can be tank mixed with glyphosate products registered for use on Roundup Ready cotton varieties and conventional cotton varieties if applied with hooded sprayers that completely enclose the spray pattern for weed control between the rows.

Suprend will be packaged in a 15-pound container that will treat from 10 to 15 acres.

According to Syngenta, Sequence provides non-selective burndown and extended residual control of 170 weeds, including barnyardgrass, bristly starbur, carpetweed, crabgrass, johnsongrass, purple and yellow nutsedge, common lambsquarters and pigweed.

“Sequence will be a real asset to growers in no-till and reduced-till cropping systems,” said Corey Huck, Syngenta brand manager. “With such a wide range of application and timing options, virtually every cotton grower will find a fit for Sequence. This herbicide offers growers more convenience and flexibility with their weed control programs.”

Sequence application rates will range from 2.5 to 4 pints per acre, depending on soil type and target weed. In Roundup Ready cotton, Sequence can be applied pre-emergence, postemergence over the top or post-directed.

In conventional cotton, Sequence can be applied before, during or after planting, but must be applied before the crop emerges.

Sequence will be available in bulk as well as packaged in a 120-gallon Farm Pak, mini-bulk system. It will also be available in 30-gallon containers and 2.5-gallon jugs. At the rate of 2.5 pints per acre, 1 gallon of Sequence will cover 3.2 acres.

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