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Syngenta cotton fungicides get labels

THE ENVIRONMENTAL Protection Agency has approved two Syngenta fungicide products for cotton, Dynasty CST and Uniform.

Dynasty CST combines three proven fungicides to enhance disease protection for cottonseed in one convenient product. It provides protection against a broad spectrum of seedborne and soilborne diseases in cotton, including fusarium, pythium, and pre- and post-emergent rhizoctonia.

“This combination of fungicides offers optimal protection against all major yield-robbing cotton seedling diseases to enhance plant vigor and maximize chances for increased crop yield,” said Steve Russell, Syngenta seed treatment crop manager. “Dynasty CST offers long-lasting, consistent performance that is adaptable to a variety of environmental conditions. Because Dynasty CST is delivered on the seed, it also offers the additional benefit of convenience.”

Dynasty CST, available from cotton seed dealers, is compatible with Cruiser seed treatment insecticide.

Uniform, formerly offered as the co-pack Quadris Ridomil Gold Uniform, is available as a pre-mix combination. It provides systemic and protectant control of soilborne diseases, including rhizoctonia and pythium.

“In fields with high to severe disease pressure, recurring disease problems or histories of replanting, the use of an in-furrow fungicide like Uniform protects against seed rot and seedling disease,” said Jim Peters, fungicide brand manager with Syngenta.” The mixture of Quadris and Ridomil Gold provides fast, strong and even protection, resulting in healthier and more uniform stands and higher yields.”

Melvin Newman, Extension specialist at the University of Tennessee, added, “Quadris Ridomil Gold Uniform has been one of our best treatments for in-furrow applications and has held rhizoctonia and pythium to a minimum.”

The combination of the Quadris and Ridomil Gold active ingredients in Uniform gives growers two modes of action, resulting in increased activity and more complete control.

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