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From Syngenta... Centric insecticide

Cotton growers plagued by persistent pests will have an effective new control solution that won't disrupt their integrated pest management (IPM) control programs. Centric 25WG foliar insecticide has been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for control of aphids, tarnished plant bugs, thrips, fleahoppers and whiteflies in Bt and conventional cotton throughout the Southern Cotton Belt.

“Cotton growers are searching for new ways to battle resistant aphids, tarnished plant bugs and other secondary pest problems,” says Coby Long, Syngenta insecticide brand manager. “Centric offers long-lasting control of these pests, so it fits Bt cotton pest management really well. It's also easy on beneficial insects, so growers can use it as part of an integrated pest management program in conventional cotton.”

Centric is a foliar formulation of thiamethoxam, a second-generation neonicotinoid insecticide that offers several distinct advantages over other chemistries currently available. Centric combines translaminar and locally systemic activity in one effective, easy-to-use product. Syngenta calls this unique action trans-stemic movement.

“Centric is rainfast as soon as spray material dries, and quickly penetrates and moves throughout plant leaves,” explains Steve White, insecticide technical brand manager with Syngenta. “As a result, Centric provides faster protection against insect damage compared to competitive products.”

Centric provides this protection at a low use rate that may be applied in response to pest thresholds by air or ground. Tests show Centric provides a wide margin of crop, worker and environmental safety, with no cross-resistance to other chemical classes.

Syngenta is committed to helping cotton growers succeed with proven solutions including new Centric insecticide.

For more information on Centric and other cotton solutions from Syngenta, contact your local Syngenta representative or visit

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