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Sunbelt Showtime

Easy bale processing

The new 2650 Balebuster by Haybuster offers better efficiency with right-side discharge. Growers may throw out feed or bedding from the right side where tractor controls are located for easy operation. In addition, the 2650 features heavy-duty flails and high-speed rotor to smoothly process many different types of hay. The shredder chamber will process both hard and soft corn bales and will make a consistent and uniform windrow.

Suggested retail price is $11,995. For more information, contact Haybuster, Dept. FIN, Box 1940, Jamestown, ND 58402-1940, 701/252-4601, visit or

New Tafe tractor

The new 4500 Tafe tractor provides more power for farm utility work. The 45-hp, 4-cyl. model features synchronized shifting with four speeds and a PTO rated at 39 hp. Manufactured in South Korea, the 4500 joins several other size Tafe tractors distributed in the U.S. by Robison & Grissom Tractor Co. The 4500 retails for $17,500.

For more information, contact Robison & Grissom Tractor Co., Dept. FIN, 1013 Hwy. 348 West, Guntown, MS 38849, 662/869-1028, visit

Utility tractors

LongAgribusiness exhibited small utility tractors made in South Korea and India. Included was the new FarmTrac 270 DTC model with 4-wd, 27 hp and eight-speed shuttle drive. Made in South Korea, the tractor features hydrostatic transmission and retails for $12,724. The 320 DTC model with 4-wd and 32 hp retails for $13,762. Circle 223.

The 50-hp FarmTrac 60 is manufactured in India and includes 4-wd, eight-speed transmission, hydrostatic steering and live PTO. It retails for $20,129.

For more information, contact LongAgribusiness, Dept. FIN, Box 1139, Tarboro, NC 27886, 877/639-5194, or visit or

Clean raking

Lely USA introduces a new hay rake called the Hibiscus (shown) that centrally rakes together a clean windrow, keeping the hay clean and uncontaminated. The new rake features twin rotors and four double tines on each of the 22 arms. The curved design of the tines makes them strong and flexible. Working width is 23½ ft. The model shown retails for $17,500. Circle 225.

Lely added a new model to its line of rotary tedders. The Lotus 900 features a 30-ft. working width. It includes eight rotors and six tine arms on each rake wheel. The tedder retails for $16,450.

For more information, contact Lely USA, Dept. FIN, Box 1060, Wilson, NC 27894, 888/245-4684, or visit or

Rip, strip, plant

Now growers may attach the Kelley Manufacturing pull-type Rip Strip to any brand planter with the new Rip and Plant Caddy (not shown). The caddy will attach to a planter and a pull-type, 12-row Rip Strip (shown) for one trip through the field. The caddy is available with two or four transport wheels. It allows the planter to float independently from the Rip Strip and may be used without a planter.

The caddy retails for $2,490 and a standard Rip Strip retails for $3,000/row. For more information, contact Kelley Mfg. Co., Dept. FIN, Drawer 1467, Tifton, GA 31793-1467, 800/444-5449, visit or

Manure spreader

The new model 7200 Meyer spreader will handle pen-packed manure, sand-bedded manure and even liquid manure. The new model holds up to 720 bu. and features high-flotation under carriage for less compaction. Meyer spreaders unload material with a three-auger design. Two 20-in. lower augers direct material out the back of the spreader while an upper auger takes material forward to eliminate bridging.

Suggested retail price of the 7200 model is $28,000. For more information, contact Meyer Mfg. Corp., Dept. FIN, Dorchester, WI 54425, 800/325-9103, visit or

Tough wire fencing

A new livestock fence widely used in Australia is now available in the U.S. from Canyon Fence Company. The Ringlock fence is only slightly more expensive than barbed wire, yet it is stronger and more durable, according to the company. The new fencing features a unique wire knot that allows a little slip in the fence, but keeps it strong. The wires absorb animal pressure and then return to their original position.

Ringlock may be ordered with different high-tensile-wire types, including LifeWire, which is coated with zinc and aluminum for improved durability in the field. The prefabricated fence will hold any livestock, from sheep to game animals. Due to its unique design, posts may be spaced farther apart than with traditional wire fence. The fencing ranges from $75 to $155/roll depending on fence height, type and length up to 1,650 ft. The company manufacturing the fence in North America, Sinclair Taylor, plans to introduce an electric version of the fence.

For more information, call Canyon Fence Co. at 877/666-5656, or contact Sinclair Taylor, Dept. FIN, Bay #5, 4203 12th St. N.E., Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 4P9, visit or

Scottish implements

Scotland's intensive grazing requires efficient implements. The grassland harrow manufactured by Ritchie in Scotland and distributed in the U.S. by Masters Farm Supply is a versatile tool that will aerate grass, break up animal droppings and even cover new seed. It features a unique tri-spike casting, which offers two tine lengths, two tine angles and excellent wearing properties. The 13-ft.-wide harrow retails for $2,565.

A new bale mover called the Traileyre also is manufactured in Scotland and is designed to handle both square and round hay and silage bales. The bale mover pictured handles 16 smaller silage bales. If extensions are removed, it will handle eight large round or square bales. It lists for $12,900. Circle 231.

For more information, contact Masters Farm Supply, Dept. FIN, 25888 State Rd. 73 N.W., Altha, FL 32421, 850/762-3221, or visit or

South Korean tractors

Agracat offers three new tractors from South Korea to meet any farm's utility needs. The 4740LX shown provides 43 hp with 4-wd and hydrostatic steering. The 4740 sells for $16,875 with ROPS or $21,248 with a cab. Loaders are available starting at $4,200. Also available in this line is a 4940 model with 49 hp and a 5940 model with 57 hp.

For more information, contact Agracat, Dept. FIN, Box 490, Farmington, AR 72730, 866/247-2228, visit or

Made in China

The Lenar FS274 tractor handles light utility work with its compact size (10 ft. long) and powerful engine. The tractor is equipped with a 28-hp, 3-cyl. diesel engine that powers the tractor up to 20 mph. It retails for $7,995. The Lenar tractors are manufactured in China by Jiangling Tractor Company. Ford Motor Co. and Isuzu Motors are major stockholders in Jiangling.

For more information, contact Flippen Tractor Sales, Dept. FIN, 3657 Jodeco Rd., McDonough, GA 30253, 678/583-9550, visit or

Remanufactured vehicle

Club Car now offers a pre-owned utility vehicle that is remanufactured and comes with a one-year warranty. Called the Lynx, the remanufactured vehicle sells for $4,500. The electric vehicle will handle light farm work with its aluminum cargo box and 550-lb. vehicle load capacity. The Lynz features independent front suspension, an aluminum chassis for corrosion resistance, and 30-mile range on a single charge.

For more information, contact Club Car Inc., Dept. FIN, Box 204658, Augusta, GA 30917-4658, 800/258-2227, visit or, or circle 234.

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