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In structured no-till soils

Hagny provides better furrow closings

Get gentle, but consistent furrow closing in structured no-till soils with a system designed specifically for those conditions — the Hagny HCS.

Using a revolutionary patent-pending concept, the Hagny HCS closing system does the job by slicing and crumbling the sidewall, not squeezing. The system produces a highly desirable seedling environment across a wide range of soil moisture conditions in low-disturbance no-till, including cohesive clays.

The Hagny HCS closing system holds spoked wheels at a high camber value (50 degrees from vertical) with the spoke tips meeting the mid-line of the furrow, causing the spokes to shear completely through the sidewall and push the fragmented soil into the furrow as the wheel rotates.

Seed placement isn't disrupted. The furrow is consistently covered with loose material for more uniform and rapid emergence, plus the sidewall is shattered for better crown root development.

On planters, the Hagny HCS system replaces the original closing wheel frame with a new mounting block and two independent arms, each holding a spoked wheel in a staggered pattern. The arms can be spaced in or out to compensate for spoke wear or misaligned row units.

A down-pressure spring on each arm reduces hopping of the wheel and keeps it positively engaged in the soil.

Since the Hagny HCS system does no significant firming of the soil, it must be used in conjunction with a seed firmer or seed-lock wheel.

Hagny HCS is available for most planters: JD 7000, 7200, 1700 Series, White 6000 Series, all Kinzes, and Case-IH Cyclos.

The system is also available for gauge-wheel drills, the JD 750/1850, 1560/1860 and Flexicoil FSO.

For additional information contact Exapta Solutions, a division of Pinnacle Crop Tech. Inc., P.O. Box 952, Salina, Kan. 67402 or call 785-820-8000.

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