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Young lady shows dedication to 4-H program

Young lady shows dedication to 4-H program
How this young 4-H member participating in the CountryMark/ Indiana Prairie Farmer youth essay contest would encourage her friends to join her.

Alexandria Baker, Martinsville, wrote the remaining essay you have yet to read from the top four entries of the CountryMark/Indiana Prairie Farmer youth essay contest. These essays have appeared in random order.

Essays were reviewed by a panel of three judges. Check the July issue to see how they lined up the four youth essays at the top of a stack of more than 60 essays. The July issue will be out soon.

Encourage a friend

Alexandria Baker, Martinsville, participated in the CountryMark/Indiana Prairie Farmer youth essay contest

4-H is a lot of work. It is time consuming. You will cry, gather bruises all over your body and stress more during the week of the fair than during your whole school year. However, I guarantee you will have the time of your life, make the best memories create unbelievable bonds with your friends and mentors and learn lessons that will shape you into an upstanding citizen who will carry the tools to change the world.

There will be times you will cry. You will bawl as you load your first lamb onto the trailer, but your mentor will walk up to you, envelop you in a hug and let you cry into her shoulder. There is a bond that you will make with your leader. They will watch you grow up and they will guide you along the way. There will never be a mentor in your life quite like your 4-H leader.

Sometimes we will want to scream at each other. It will be 2 a.m., we will be sore and tired, you still have three more calves to wash before the show later that day. Then we will look at each other and realize that this is how we will make memories. These late night washes will be when we pour our hearts out and grow closer than ever. Who needs sleepovers with movies? We will have the bond that comes from trust and hard work, the friendship that will last forever.

Happy 4-H'er: Alexandria Baker was happy to place in the top four of the essay contest.

4-H is one of the best organizations and we will have more fun than you can imagine. We will go through everything with each other to lean on and challenge ourselves in more ways than we thought possible. Let's join together and invest in our friendship as well as our community.

Hayhurst writes form Terre Haute

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