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Yetter Puts 'Air Ride' On Its Planter Residue Managers

Yetter Puts 'Air Ride' On Its Planter Residue Managers

Air bladders maintain a straight run through stubble and field trash, and is controlled from the cab.

Terrain and soil variability make a one-size-fits-all solution to residue management a problem in no-till planting operations.

Yetter Manufacturing Co., has introduced its idea of how to smooth out that problem with the Air Adjust Residue Manager, the first entry in its 2940 Air Adjust series. The residue manager height and down pressure are controlled independently from one another by varying air pressure in the row unit attachments. The managers are designed with a parallel linkage allowing the manager to ride with ground contour, just like the row unit.

The business end of the air-adjust residue management system from Yetter is this air bladder on the row unit.

By increasing air flow to the bladders, down pressure can be increased on the floating manager based on field conditions. In tilled soil and lighter residue, down pressure can be decreased to allow the cleaners to float easily. When not needed, the residue manager can be raised automatically from the cab to get around wet areas, waterways or other obstacles.

For more information on the Air Adjust visit And, click HERE to see the Air Adjust in action.

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