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Year of Pig Raises Food, Money for Gleaners

Year of Pig Raises Food, Money for Gleaners
'Canstruction' teams complete interesting designs.

You've still got time to see one of the most unusual exhibits you'll find anywhere. It's the Canstrution exhibit inside the Ball State University Horticulture Building, located on the west central part of the Fairgrounds, just across form Pioneer Our Land Pavilion. Walk in the building and veer to your left. You may not believe what you see.

There running down an entire row of the building are a half dozen or more displays of various scenes involving a pig, made from canned food. Some of the displays used hundreds of cans of food. The one stipulation to the teams of volunteers who constructed the displays was that somewhere in the artwork of a sort, there had to be the image of a pig.

Some look like robots, others look like race car drivers. But everyone has a pig easy to make out somewhere in the display. And the entire display for each one is done using canned foods of various sizes and descriptions. It's like Legos for big people!

The display was built by teams of individuals, some of whom had training in areas that would make it easier to build a display for a scene from scratch. There's not a can out of place, or a can in the wrong place, or a can missing, in any of the displays.

The entire effort benefits Gleaners Food Bank, whose goal is to feed the hungry. Information at the site notes that once the fair is over, the canned food items that were donated by various companies and people, will be donated to Gleaners. There is also information at the site detailing how individuals can help donate to Gleaners food bank.

Some of the displays involve scenes out of Charlotte's Web, the book series involving pigs as cartoon characters. All of the displays are roped off so that no one can alter a can, just in case they have a better idea for where a can or two might fit!

This may not be your typical agricultural display you would expect to find in a horticultural building, but it's worth the trip to see it. And if you get thirsty, Red Gold sells tomato juice that's ice cold right around the corner. You can also find the biggest pumpkin, weighing in at over 700 pounds, and lots of flowers and herbs displayed by 4-H'ers. Vegetables were removed with tags and awards left in their place so that the vegetables might be salvaged for food.  

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