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Wisconsin wins National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest

Wisconsin wins National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest
A total of 26 teams competed

Wisconsin won the National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest at World Dairy Expo. Coach Jim Powers led team members Ben Powers, Luke Powers, Brooke Brantner and Krista Styer to a win in both overall team and team reasons with 2,079 and 690 points, respectively. Coming in only two points behind was Pennsylvania, coached by Chad Dechow, capturing second place overall as well as second in reasons.

Ben Powers, of Wisconsin, drove the competition as both high individual overall with 718 points, and as top individual reasons with 244 points. Following close behind was Luke Powers, also from Wisconsin, placing second overall with 715 points and in reasons with 240 points.

Members of the first place Wisconsin 4-H Dairy Judging Team from Dunn County are, from left, Coach Jim Powers, Krista Styer, Ben Powers, Brooke Brantner, Luke Powers and Coach Scott Nelson.

Twenty-six teams competed, judging five heifer classes and five cow classes, with reasons being given on all cow classes. Full results are as follows:

Top 10 Teams Overall:
1. Wisconsin, 2,079, coached by Jim Powers
Team members: Ben Powers, Luke Powers, Brooke Brantner, and Krista Styer

2. Pennsylvania, 2,077, coached by Chad Dechow
Team members: Jenna Metzler, Caleb McGee, Daniel Kitchen, and Emily Heilinger

3. California, 2,029, coached by Frank Gambonini
Team members: Alexandra Gambonini, Constance Jones, Deena Migliazzo, and Hannah Young

4. New York, 2,021, coached by Doug Waterman
Team members: Theresa VanLieshout, Alyssa Grocott, Colleen Perl, and Mary Martha Kennedy

5. Michigan, 2,011, coached by Joe Domecq
Team members: Shelby Berens, Lance Frahm, Rachel Ekkell, and Evelyn Okkema

6. Florida, 2,008, coached by Chris Holcomb
Team members: Avery Kotlarczyk, Amanda Hidbrader, Cady McGehee, and John McGehee

7. Illinois, 2,002, coached by David Fischer
Team members: Sadie Ropp, Amanda Ruhl, T.J. Wingert, and Riley Zettle

8. Minnesota, 1,987, coached by Keith Brogan
Team members: Shawn Johnson, Jacob Hornberg, Derek Salwey, and Caleb Speltz

9. Maryland, 1,984, coached by Jeff Semler
Team members: Lindsay Smith, Alison Ferver, Mary Lawrence, and Cassandra Plummer

10. Virginia, 1,980, coached by Matt Nuckols
Kelly Callender, Randall Gray, Rachel Waggie, and Bailey McGill

Top 10 Individuals Overall:
1. Ben Powers, 718, Wisconsin
2. Luke Powers, 715, Wisconsin
3. Daniel Kitchen, 707, Pennsylvania
4. Jenna Metzler, 704, Pennsylvania
5. Alexandra Gambonini, 703, California
6. Colleen Perl, 690, New York
7. Rachel Ekkell, 686, Michigan\
8. T.J. Wingert, 682, Illinios
9. Alyssa Grocott,681, New York
10. Rachel Waggie, 680, Virginia

Top 10 Team Reasons:
1. Wisconsin, 690, coached by Jim Powers
2. Pennsylvania, 686, coached by Chad Dechow
3. Michigan, 674, coached by Joe Domecq
4. New York, 668, coached by Doug Waterman
5. Florida, 661, coached by Chris Holcomb
6. Minnesota, 658, coached by Keith Brogan
7. California, 656, coached by Frank Gambonini
8. Maryland, 642, coached by Jeff Semler
9. Kentucky, 636, coached by Larissa Tucker
10. Virginia, 632, coached by Matt Nuckols

Top 10 Individual Reasons:
1. Ben Powers, 244, Wisconsin
2. Luke Powers, 240, Wisconsin
3. Daniel Kitchen, 234, Pennsylvania
4. Colleen Perl, 231, New York
5. Alexandra Gambonini, 230, California
6. Jenna Metzler, 228, Pennsylvania
7. Rachel Ekkell, 228, Michigan
8. Brooke Brantner, 226, Wisconsin
9. Cady McGehee, 225, Florida
10. Shawn Johnson, 225, Minnesota
11. Sarah Thomas, 224, North Carolina

Source: World Dairy Expo

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