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WinField Crop Adventure coming to Fair Oaks Farms

WinField Crop Adventure coming to Fair Oaks Farms
Indiana's largest dairy, Fair Oaks Farms, continues to show how to make ag tourism work with addition of WinField Crop exhibit

The Dairy Adventure and Pig Adventure at Fair Oaks Farms continue drawing big crowds.

Located in northwest Indiana near Rensselaer, just off I-65, Fair Oaks Farm management team has turned the tourist part of their business into more than just tourism. It's also an education program to help educate consumers who pay to come through the exhibits and see cows and pigs in real-life settings.

Coming soon: The new Crops exhibit at Fair Oaks Farms is a partnership with WinField, part of the Land O'Lakes system. Expect it to open in the spring of 2016.

Now Fair Oaks is about to add one more dimension to its tourism business. Partnering with WinField, Solutions LLC, Fair Oaks will open the WinField Crop Adventure in the spring of next year. Construction was well underway this spring when families began flocking to the tourist stop during spring breaks and later during summer vacations.

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The WinField agronomy brand is owned by Land O'Lakes, a large, Minnesota-based cooperative.

According to spokespersons, Land O'Lakes is involved because they want more people to make the connection about where their food comes from.

"This will help underscore the importance of sustainable, modern agricultural practices and innovations in our collective future," says Chris Policinski, president and CEO of Land O'Lakes.

Fair Oaks hasn't all the details of what the new exhibit, housed in a new futuristic building behind the main center, and just down the walking path form the popular calf birthing barn, will include.

WinField spokespersons say it will share the modern agriculture story with people of all ages. Besides history, emphasis will be placed upon today's farming practices and how agriculture might look in the future.

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If the dairy and pig exhibits are an indication, look for the crop exhibit to have lots of interactive displays, plus play areas for younger visitors. The current main building at Fair Oaks contains more life-size, fake cows than probably any other one building in the works.

What will be inside the new exhibit will be known only when the doors open. Expect it to be first class!

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