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Wheat Harvest 2015: Oklahoma wheat a mix of good, bad

Wheat Harvest 2015: Oklahoma wheat a mix of good, bad
Rust cuts test weights in southwest Oklahoma, wheat harvesters report

The hard red winter wheat harvest moved into Oklahoma this week and custom cutters are finding a mix of good, high-yielding fields to low-yielding ones that have been hurt by rain, hail and rust.

Mud continues to be a problem with combines needing dual wheels or track systems to enter fields.

Yields ranged from 12 to 20 bushels per acre near Frederick, Okla., which is northwest of Wichita Falls, Texas, to 50 bushels near Watonga, northwest of Oklahoma City.

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"We are fighting a little bit of mud but the wheat quality is still good." said Irvin Odegard, near Watonga

Rust cuts test weights in southwest Oklahoma, wheat harvesters report

Odegard, who is based in Whitetail, Mont., said yields of 30 to 50 bushels were common with test weights of 60 lbs per bushel or better.

The weather has been dry in most harvest areas this week, although humidity was high and local forecasts call for several days of rain beginning Thursday night.

Myron Eberts just finished cutting near Frederick and reported yields of 12 to 20 bushels from muddy fields, some of which had a high amount of weeds.

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"We had a lot of poor wheat," he said. "We had an extreme amount of mud." 

The South Heart, N.D., harvester said rain in April and May knocked a lot of the wheat down. Eberts began cutting wheat near Bison, Okla., south of Enid, on Wednesday, and early yields were about 25 bushels with test weights about 56 pounds.


Near Hobart in southwest Oklahoma, yields of 10 to 20 bushels were common.

"That is not very good. It has been kind of bad," said George Stolzenberg. "We had an awful lot of hail around here a couple of weeks ago."

Rust cut the test weights to 55 to 58 lbs per bushel. "It should be 60," said Stolezenberg, who is based in Clyde, Kan.

Harvesting is still under way near Wichita Falls, Texas, with yields of 30 bushels common and test weights of 55 to 58 pounds, said harvester Sue Holland.

"It is not too bad considering 20 inches of rain," she said of the season's storms.

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Despite the abundant rain there was little evidence of disease or sprouting. The Holland crew is based in Litchfield, Minn.

USDA on Thursday forecast Texas wheat production at 120 million bushels with an average yield of 32 bushels from 3.75 million acres. A year ago, the state harvested 67.5 million bushels at 30 bushels per acre from 2.25 million acres.

Oklahoma's harvest is forecast at 114.8 million bushels from 4.1 million acres with an average yield of 28 bushels. A year ago, production was 47.6 million from 2.8 million acres with a 29 yield.

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