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WFTD Show Visitors Will Have Plenty of Food Choices

Menu features reasonably-priced foods served fast.

This year's Food Committee guarantees plenty of opportunities for show visitors to get reasonably-priced food and beverages fast. "We have put in place a fast food service system with five cash registers in each of the six food tents," says Dave Running, food chair. "Getting your food will be a very fast process."

Running says all food products are fresh daily, including all meat products, bakery items, fruits, vegetables and desserts. "However, every effort has been made to keep food and beverage prices affordable," he says. "They're basically at the same level as four years ago."

In addition to the traditional food tents, this year's show will also feature beverage stands at entrance gates and various locations around the grounds. In addition, a mobile cart serving ice cream will travel around the grounds.

Special items this year include:
* Plate lunches
* Ribeye steak sandwich
* Country Burger (1/3 pound ground sirloin)
* Desserts in every food tent
* Water in commemorative bottles

As in the past, each food tent will be staffed by a different charitable group as a way to raise funds. For serving food and collecting cash, each of them will share in the profits from food sales after the show completes its three-day run. This year's participating groups include Home Field Advantage, Denmark FFA Alumni, Wrightstown American Legion – Post 436, Wrightstown Lions Club, Wrightstown Optimists, St. Katharine Drexel Parish – Kaukauna, St. Patrick's Church – Askeaton, St. Paul's Parish – Wrightstown, De Pere Knights of Columbus, Forest Junction Civic League/4-H, SSCM Faith Community, West De Pere FFA, and Zion Lutheran-Wayside Youth.

Food selection and prices


Hamburger 3.00
Cheese Burger 3.00
Country Burger (Ground Sirloin) 4.00
Ribeye Steak Sandwich 6.00
Hot Dog 2.00
Brat 3.00
Pork Sandwich 3.00
Turkey Sandwich 3.00

Plate Lunch (Dinner roll included with each plate) 6.00
Tuesday – Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Corn
Wednesday – Ham Steak, Cheesy Potatoes, Baked Beans
Thursday – Chicken Breast, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans


Fruit Cup (with dip) 3.00
Veggie Cup (with dip) 3.00
Cheese Curds (4 oz.) 2.00
Chips (Regular, Sour Cream & Onion) 1.00
Yogurt (Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach) 1.00


Milk (White, Chocolate, Strawberry) 1.00
Soda (Dr. Pepper, RC Cola, Diet Rite, 7-Up, Lemonade) 2.00
Water (Chippewa Spring Custom Label or Plain Label) 1.00
Coffee (with cream, sugar) 1.00
Orange Juice 1.00


Pies (Apple, Cherry) 2.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie 1.00
Brownie 2.00
Cinnamon Roll 2.00

Breakfast Food – ONLY SERVED IN TENT 2

Breakfast Plate (Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Potato & Biscuit) 4.00
Cinnamon Roll 2.00

Ice Cream Novelties 2.00
(Nestle Ice Cream Sandwich, Nestle Drumstick, Nestle Crunch Bar, Frozen Lemonade Cup)

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