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Weatherall Coating Prolongs Crystalyx Supplement Biodegradable Container

Weatherall Coating Prolongs Crystalyx Supplement Biodegradable Container
Coating provides added protection against the weather, animal destruction

Ridley Block Operations, makers of CRYSTALYX Brand Supplements, has recently introduced WeatherAll Protection to the BioBarrel, a biodegradable Single Trip Container containing CRYSTALYX Brand Supplements.

The BioBarrel is made from a proprietary blend of ground cereal straw and wood fiber, coated with a soy flour solution that is pressed and molded. It is made of 100% renewable materials. There are no chemicals or adhesives used to make the container, and it is designed to degrade as livestock consume the CRYSTALYX low-moisture block.

Weatherall coating provides added protection against the weather, animal destruction

BioBarrel is thicker and stronger than cardboard or fiber containers and will maintain its integrity in prolonged storage. Now, with the addition of WeatherAll Protection, the BioBarrel offers added weatherability in extended wet conditions.

Added protection
WeatherAll is a protective coating applied to the BioBarrel as a final step in the manufacturing process. It is composed of a patent pending process that helps protect and slow down BioBarrel degradation when encountering wet conditions.

The protective coating also helps reduce the attraction that some cattle have to the BioBarrel container once it is softened under extreme wet conditions, thus reducing the incidence of cattle consuming the container faster than the CRYSTALYX product.

WeatherAll Protective Technology broadens the application and effectiveness of the BioBarrel container to all geographies within North America.

Company-provided before and after photo shows comparison of supplements with and without Weatherall coating.

"A formidable challenge with developing a degradable container is to match the degradation rate to that of supplement consumption," Dr. Dan Dhuyvetter, Director of Research and Development for Ridley Block Operations said. "The WeatherAll Technology provides us with a more uniform degradation and disappearance rate over a much wider range in environments and feeding conditions. We now have degradability, durability and enhanced weatherability that minimizes any impact on the environment."

Economic advantages
The BioBarrel Single Trip Container eliminates concerns, labor and costs associated with collecting and returning barrels or disposing of other containers. Once it is placed in a free stall barn, pasture, or bunk line, it does not need to be handled again.

View more information on the Crystalyx website at

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